_Lets get this a bit more official.  Ok, so as stated I found a few other sites out there that are doing something similar.  I am not trying to pretend that this idea is original or my own - so if these rules look familiar I may have borrow your thoughts/ideas/concepts - be flattered not sad!  So, as I see it the main issues that would need to be defined in this quest are as follows:

1.  365 beers in 365 days - Plan and simple the rule is a NEW/DIFFERENT beer each day of the year of 2012.  I have drank many styles, brands, priced beers in my time.  I have reviewed this before and my count for number of beers drank in a year are probably a little obnoxious.  I'm thinking on average I could say I drank well over 700-800 beers a year.  But of those, I'm probably not drinking more then 50-70 varieties.  So, there you have it.  2012 I will consume at least 365 different beers.

2.  So what quantifies a beer - Beers come in many shapes and sizes, a pint, liter, 12 oz, pounder (16oz), sample size 4-6ouncers.  I am not going to get all technical a measure this out but I'll make an effort to keep the beers at 6oz or above.  No real reason magic portion thought here.  Just that most likely I will have 12-16 oz of each I'm sure.  But if things get hairy and I'm not feeling well or something I may use the 6 oz to save me.

Beer is beer - ale, lager, stout, porter, wheat, barleywine, ect.  No beer will be denied from good to bad.  My father in law is a big fan of the "whats on sale" side of the distributors - So I'm sure some Lionshead, Natty Light, and PBR likes will find there way into my column.  But be sure that I am looking forward to the Bells, Dogfish Head, Breckenridge Breweries are what will get me through the year.  I also home brew - so though they may not be heavily occupied on my column there will be a handful of home brew examples that I review through the year I'm sure.  I currently have an Irish Red kegged in the basement and a Christmas Brew bottled as well.

3.  Days = waking day.  So if I'm up drinking at midnight ( which doesn't happen near as often as it once used to ) a beer at 12:30am does not count for the new day - I will have to suck it up and drink another that next waking day.  The only tricky thing about this will be that some times my job may confuse this rule so once again this will be on the fly and a general rule of thumb.  But should work most of the time.

4.  LASTLY, only one beer per day - even though I may go to a brewery and partake in a sampler as I often do - I will only be allowed to use one of those beers.  Unless of course - I go back the following day and pick a different beer.  this is 365 beers in 365 days.... not an average of 365 beers in one year.

So, as it stands I can't think of any other rules/regulations that may be needed.  As far as I know - I will not be winning a prize at the end of the year.  I'm not going to be put in the Guinness Book of World Records or anything like that (until now I never realized Guinness Book and Guinness Beer interesting).  OK, so enough said for today.  I am 15 days from this quest - the days are narrowing.  Time to start getting my line up ready.

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