Summer is quickly approaching.  My daughter's 4th birthday WEEK party is in full swing with my parents in town for the weekend.  Heading to Kennywood Park Saturday morning to get some good coaster riding, park food, and fun with a bunch of friends (love me summers at the amusement parks).  Yes, yes,  summer has definitely arrived.  As that is the case, it was about time I break out the Sam Adams Summer Ale.  Well, that and I really only had two beers to drink in my house that I could count in my blog.  I picked up a variety pack today and hope to get to a 6-pack shop soon to pick up some more varieties.  It really is time for me to restock my fridge.

6/7/2012 - Samuel Adams - Summer Ale - This beer poured a nice yellow hue.  It had a fine white film of head covering the top.  The beer had an earthy almost grassy flavor in the beer.  It has a partial taste of sun shine crispness in the medium to light body in the glass.  The grassy hop taste left a little bit of dry after taste in your mouth.  This really left me looking for the next sip.  It was not exactly a thirst quenching beer as some beers go.  But it was a nice refreshing beverage to relax and drink on a nice summer eve night on the deck.  It would probably even be more enjoyable if you had a nice fire bit in front of you to really fully take in the warm summer night and stars out side.  Relax and drink.  Enjoy - Thanks for stopping by for the read & please drink responsibly.


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