What can I say, I actually do not have any major topics to discuss tonight.  I am working challenge for the blog.  Drawing a real blank here on this one.  I do not want to create a situation where you can google the answer and the quickest person to google wins!  I want to be a little more creative and fun with this.  I'm actually really leaning towards the photographic side of my interest.  So, my thought is for anyone that wants to participate to send me a picture/photo that deals with beer.  Something in your day/week/history!  I great angle, a great hand drawing, any visual image defining beer in your mind.  So, that is what I'm thinking of now, to the victor will go a prize.  This is what I'm thinking for now.  I think I shall kick it off starting tonight.

As for the beer of the night, I picked the Orange Blossom Pilsner brewed by Thomas Creek Brewery in Greenville, SC.  It was a bit of a surprise to see this is a "Florida's Honey" Beer be brewed in South Carolina.  But I know this is not the only beer out there to do such a thing.  When I open this beer I was hopeful to get big hints of orange and sweet honey but I was a little amiss.  The beer is not terrible, and I could probably drink a few but it is a perfect example of a beer not to be judged by the cover.  The beer is nice and crisp.  It is very light and clear in the glass.  Pilsners are a pale lager.  And this is a nice crisp lager for that matter.  The flavor is not to robust and not a huge amount of malty sweetness in the sip.  It has a very medium to light body mouth feel.  At 5.5% alcohol this would be an easy drinking beer; unfortunately, I was expecting a bit more sweetness and fruity goodness in the glass.  I guess with Orange and Honey all over the package I had a much higher expectation of the beer.  More sweetness; more orange fruitiness.  In general, this is not a bad beer but it is not at all what I had hoped for and that was a slight let down.  I will live on and I'm sure I'll get a nice night of sleep tonight in spite of it.

Thanks for reading and please plan on entering the contest - it is going to be a great event.  I am excited for my first give away.


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