From the dictionary.reference.com:
se·duc·tion   [si-duhk-shuhn] Show IPA noun 1. an act or instance of seducing,  especially sexually. 2. the condition of being seduced. 3. a means of seducing;  enticement; temptation
Don't you love it when the definition has the word plastered all through it?  Enticement or Temptation seems to meet the needs well.  Well, in that case the art of seduction has changed a bit in my years.  With a 6 year old and a 3 year old in my world the art of seducing has become a nice bottle of Ommegang for dinner with some cheese fondue.  But in a lot of ways that is all we need.  I had an incredible Valentine's Day dinner with my three beautiful girls.  We sat at the table and talked about our day over a fresh pot of cheese fondue.  While mommy and daddy sipped on the bottle of Seduction.  It was heavenly.  We laughed and had fun talking about our day.  My girls are my life.  Everything I do is for them, they give me so much in their smile and hugs.  Though there are many days I'm exhausted from being a parent and husband; I wouldn't change it for the world.  The challenges are over come together.  The mountains we climb together.  I wouldn't want to take this journey with any other persons in this world.  Thank you Andrea, Jordan and Brecken for such a wonderful world I live in.

So, tonight's bottle is a blended Belgian-Style Porter.  Very true to style this beer pours a black color in the glass.  The head of the beer is a dirty light brown and skimming 1/4" across the top of the glass.  This beer is bottle conditioned and there for has some sediment at the bottom of the glass.  Pour gentley as I don't think this is like a nice wheat beer.  Though the sediment will not hurt you, I'm not sure it does much to compliment the taste either.  This is a strong porter with deep chocolatey taste.  It really complimented the cheese fondue that we had for dinner.  Its roasty almost burnt coffee flavors were a perfect partner to the cheesy goodness coming from the pot.  The beer has a bit of a spicy note to the sip that I'm having trouble deciphering.  Maybe that spicy note is the tart cherries the bottle speaks of on the label.  At 6.8% alcohol there is a nice warming quality for this cold Valentine's Night.  I think I'll cuddle up with my wife and enjoy the quiet living room since the girls just heading up stairs to bed.

Over all a great selection, though not a "personal" top favorite of mine but I think it is a pretty decent beer over all.  Porters are not one of my favored beers of choice though they do hold a particular spot in my fridge.  If you see this beer out and about and are looking for a nice sweet chocolatey malty good brew to accompany a dessert or a nice cheesy fondue this may be the beer for you.

I hope you all have had as great of a Valentine's Day as I did with my family.  We had a nice night (actually a great past few days to be honest).  I love this feeling I have right here right now.  I'm in love with my wife, in love with my children and in love with my life generally.  There are a few major changes I'm looking to make over the next year or so - but right now - I have my family!  And they are good!  God is good.  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I'm enjoying the challenge to myself.


02/15/2012 20:39

Cheese, my roommate from IUP lives near Ommegang...i had some of their stuff. I like it.

02/15/2012 21:25

I remember Cheese... Nice! I think I may have had a few of these beers that year we went down to Hilton Head with you guys about 7 years ago with you. Good stuff.


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