I've got cabin fever!  Ok, not the kind you are thinking about all coop'd up and no place to go!  This year has been unseasonably warm in this neck of the woods.  We've had a few light dustings of the powdery white stuff.  But not the norm.  Oddly enough, we have relatives visiting from the south this coming weekend to see some snow and there is a huge likelihood that we'll be driving to 7 Springs to show them.  In some ways this makes me sad, I sort of  like snow.  In others (my age is one), I'm happy as I'm beginning to like snow less and less.  The truth is snow is great but we usually get the frigid cold and ice more so then then snow!  And that sucks!

So, on to the Cabin Fever beverage in front of me.  First impressions of this beer not bad; there is a medium flavor of raisin with some burnt/roasty flavor.  Unfortunately, the over powering burntness flavor has me a bit turned off with this one.  It pours a super dark brown almost black color.  I did pour this in a red wine glass which probably should have more of a taller glass such as a pint glass.  I'm thinking this glass shows a bit more darkness to the color then may actually be there.  The head died away a little quicker then I would like.  There is a part of me drinking this that is not sure this fits the brown ale category.  But I've read a few of other peoples reviews on beeradvocate.com so I'm not sure, it just must be my non-expert opinion.  I do get a bit of spiciness that I guess is coming from the rye used in the brewing.  I get small hints of fruitiness with a nicely dry finish.  Over all, it is not a bad beer.  I almost think I would rate this beer higher if served with a nice plate of fine cheeses and dried fruits as the bottle suggests.

My recommendation to the reader is if you are feeling a bit chilly, starting to get a nip of the cabin fever maybe give the brew a try.  I wouldn't drink it alone though for sure (even though I am sitting at the table with no other glasses being drank).  I would do as the bottle suggests and pick up some crackers and cheese - the bottle suggests gruyere & smoked cheeses.  Sitting here thinking of that combination is making me salivate and want to run out to Market District to pick up another 6'r of this and some of those cheeses.  But instead I think I'll curl up under the blankets with the Mrs and catch up on a little missed TV.  The house is quiet now and the weather is cold out.  This opportunity doesn't happen often!

Good night all!  Stay warm!


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