I've decided to drink my second payment of computer help from my friends.  I don't think I've drank a Moosehead Lager in sometime.  Its been at least 2 years I would say.  I'm sure my father in law found a case or two of this over the past 2-3 years on sale in one of the distributors.  I'm also sure that if he found it and bought it on sale it was probably old and out dated.  This on seems  bit more fresh and crisp.  It pours a light yellow clear liquid in the glass.  The smell to me in the glass is that typical BEER smell; it is a bit sweet, you get a bit of malty smell there.  True to form with these types a beer the head does not linger long.  I'm almost finished with the beer and there is no head at all left.  The is a medium amount of carbonation it.  The taste is crisp and fresh.  It has a nice malty sweetness to it.  Its balanced nicely between the light caramel taste of the malt and the little bit of bite that comes from the hops.

I've been trying to figure a way to tie this Moosehead to something.  Though, I know I've drank this beer before there is surprisingly no major memory or outstanding story to go with this beer that I can think of.  If you have one, or something related to this beer please - give me some details.  The one funny thing is that it was bought and a free tshirt was provided with the case of beer.  Weren't we just talking about recently?  Well since I really have no more to say tonight - I guess I'll watch the Oscars since they are on.  I really have little interest in this.  I'm not sure why.  Even when I watched a lot of movies I never had interest in this and lately I have not caught many movies at all.  Oh well, I'll have some quiet time on the couch with the wife - which is always nice!


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