Here at 365 Beers, we believe that vanity is silly!  BUT, taking care of one self and living a healthy lifestyle is of utmost (sort of) importance.  At least that is what we are trying to teach our daughters.  So in an effort to set a good example, I have installed a top set of braces (bottom to be installed in just a few weeks).  The lovely people of Forest Orthodontics were more then happy to assist!  They were gentle and very professional installing such tools of torture!  I even left the office today with a false sense of security that as I am older and wiser the pain will not be near as bad as it was when I did this the first go round back at age 13.  WRONG!!  Liquid diet for me over the next few days till these teeth die down; perfect for this 365 adventure I am on.

In honor of the construction project going on at 365 Beers - I've decided to dedicate today's brew to that!  Railbender Ale.  I have had a few Erie Brews in the past and was never terribly excited about them.  I must say, I don't know if it was the shock of newly installed braces but this beer was better then I remember.  Not great, but over all not bad.  It is considered a Scotch Ale which I typically do enjoy.  This brew was a little spicy and a lot of sweet caramel malt goodness.  The hops seemed to hide behind the whistle blowing of the locomotive screaming by on the train tracks by the river.  The color was a nice Amber color; it was not a very over red beer.  One distinguishable note about this Scottish Ale is that it was almost session able.  But at 6.5 % as the bottle states of alcohol you'll want to be careful about that unless you are in fact on a train bound for nowhere!

I want to thank the nice lady at Sharp Edge Bistro in Sewickley for helping out today.  At the time, she stated she had none on the shelves.  After a little story about my 365 beer journey and the installation of rail ties in my mouth today she mentioned she would take another look in the back.  This beer was served at room temp and therefore a bit warmer then probably suggested.  Thank you fine ladies of Sharp Edge.  And thank you to Dr Forest for helping me with my vanity issues.



Marc Esher
01/11/2012 18:41

That's interesting that your 365 journey got you special access. Maybe you should try that out to get backstage at a Motley Crue concert!


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