This is a one big brew - weighing in at 12% alcohol it packs a wallop.  You can tell how big it is by the shadow on the back wall (guess I have to improve my photography ability through this year also)!

Palo Santo Marron pours a black syrupy goodness into a tall glass.  This is THICK, dark, with a creamy thick head.  This is a beer that you must be careful with or you could get a splinter drinking it has so much wood flavor built in.  I definitely need to work on my nose for this experience.  As I do get some sort of nice floral notes from this but to describe the smell deeper then I would probably be making something up.  This is a BIG Imperial Brown Ale; true to form for an Imperial style.

I have had a few in the past and is definitely on the top 25 list for me personally.  It has a sweet caramel flavor with some hints of vanilla floating through.  The bottle explains these flavors come from the 10,000 gallon wooden brewing vessels in which the the yeast is fed to create the alcohol within this beverage.  I had watched a video on the history of this beer and these vats.  The wood is a Paraguayan Palo Santo wood.  It is an extremely dense wood that adds an extremely complex taste to this brew.  The alcohol definitely kicks you to the curb at the 12% abv.  One 12 oz sitting with this beer and you will be warmed through the night.

I picked this as beer two since some of the voters came back with Dogfish Head as the winner of my voters pool.  In general, I haven't found a DFH that I haven't liked.  I love what Sam has created down in Delaware with his love and dedication to the craft.  I've read a few things on line, watched many Youtube clips, and have been sad not to see the Brew Masters Series come back to television.  I love his concept that every beer has a story/history behind it.  I could say that Sam's concept is probably the inspiration to my blog and possibly the reason I started this.  Thank you Sam Calagione.  Please check out the DFH website when you get a minute.


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