I'm Officially caught up with my blog again as of tonight if I can finish this writing before falling asleep.  So here I sit, trying to figure where the past 2-3 weeks have gone.  The past few weeks of my life we've spent having our house on the market, looking at new houses,  a wonderful Easter Holiday weekend, work has been extremely busy lately, not to mention I've picked up a part time job and yet I don't know if time is standing still or flying by.  Of all the things in the past, I think parenting has been the largest challenge lately with the two beautiful daughters I have.  There has been several challenges every day bringing a new lights, thoughts and experiences.  Although I know we are not supposed to compare each child to the other, this has been a challenge to avoid.  As life builds from childhood to teenager to adult, you grow/learn from experience.  You learn in school and college that EXPERIENCE is the best weapon to accelerate and excel in everything you do.  Unfortunately, I do not recall any parenting classes in High School or College and worse off, the whole concept of experience leading you to the top thrown out the window with parenting.  Though experience helps, experience with one child means very little for the other.  They are both individuals and both need to be handled like a delicate fragile shipment each with their own needs and requirements.  Each year they grow older and gain their own experiences and knowledge and absorb their own personality which tweaks everything you've learned to date and makes you modify you game plan going forward.  Here I am 10 years of parenting "collectively" with a 6.5 and 3.5 year old child and I couldn't feel more like a newbie.  It speaks volumes that as I grew up and out of my own parents house I never knew or appreciated the challenges that they had to over come with me and my sister..  I thank them and have an all new appreciation for them moving forward.

Now onto the beer, this one brought to me from Aaron from Richmond, Virginia ( one of the St Patrick's Day buddies that come into Pittsburgh for that crazy weekend).  Thanks again for your contributions they are always appreciated.  Devil's Backbone Eight Point IPA comes from Lexington, VA to be specific.  The first pour of this into a glass the hops came screaming out at me.  I could tell that this was going to be a tough one to get through just by smell.  I am thinking that which ever hop is used as the main hop of this beer - it is the one that I really do not like.  This beer proves my "Why IPA's are over rated" theory.  It is simply a glass of liquid hop.  I get very little body from the beer.  And even worse there is no malty characteristics to distinguish this as a malted beverage that I can tell at all.  The smell burns my nose a bit of the hops so strong in the glass.  It is very clear yellow color in the glass.  It is very light and not very refreshing in my mind at all.  This was a tough beer to finish.  To finish my theory, some IPAs and some people think that no matter the recipe if you add enough hops it will be an IPA and it will sell.  That is sort of my thought of this beer.  I'm not sure - is this possibly a centennial and or cascade hops.  I'm not sure specifically which one I don't like but it really kills my taste buds.  I hope this wasn't one of Aaron's Favorites that he presented to me as I do not mean to offend.  We all have our likes and dislikes, this is a DISLIKE for me.

Well, it is growing late and I have to do some studying for my next day at the brewery this Saturday.  Although, I know the science of brewing a bit better them the average joy I do not speak as professionally on the subject as I would like.  I would definitely like to be a bit more well versed for my day 2 of the brewery position.  Good night all and thanks for listening.


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