So, I've been working hard this week.  In 3 days I have logged about 34 hours; Sunday alone I logged 17 hours.  I'm a little run down and beat up.  But if I don't catch up on my blog soon I may never.  So, I'm sitting here transferring pictures from my iPhone to my computer and somehow ended up deleting like 2 pictures.  .  I'll do what I can with the information that I have.  Sorry about this, but one should not operate heavy machinery or iPhones while operating on such little sleep as me.  This was also made clear to me as I made dinner tonight and full on grabbed a skillet that had been in a 500 degree oven for some time.  Just call me mister 2 fingers cause three of them are soaking in ice water right now.  OUCH.
4/30/12 - Starr Hill - Dark Starr Stout - Very black pour in the glass with a dirty brown head on top.  Can't use the term "DARK" enough in the description of this beer.  If you are a Dark beer fan this beer is for you.  It is Dark heavy roast with a huge roasty burnt caramel nose.  It really didn't have a large amount of sweetness to the drink.  I barely got any hops used in this beer.  I know of course there were some in there but not the "STARR" of the show.  In general, these guys wanted you to have a beer that was a perfect fall winter beer when it is cold out side and you wanted to be warm inside.  Honesty, this was not a favorite of mine but that is because I'm not a huge fan of most stouts.  Honestly though, if you are a stout fan I recommend seeking this one out letting me know what you think.  I will rank this a little higher then normal stouts for me but may be a little lower then expecting - again, this is my opinion.  I think you should try it though no matter the number.  I enjoyed this beverage while leafing through the new Northern Brewer I got mail.  May be placing an order soon for a wort chiller and aerator.  Time to step up my home brewing ability and these two tools are needed.  Keep an eye out for if/when that purchase is made.

4/29/12 - Legend - Brown Ale - Brought to me compliments of m friend Aaron living down in Virginia (almost through his collection sadly).  A quick visit to their website showed me two quick pieces of information brewery.  One, that it was starting in 1994 and is the oldest brewery in the area.  And B - they are brewing both lager's and ale's which involves quite different techniques and times of brewing for all their beers.  Bravo to you guys on this accomplishment.  In general, I poured this beer and the roasty chocolate came rolling from the glass.  I also got hints of dark fruit and cherries esters coming from the glass.  It had a nice medium body with a medium carbonation.  The heady was nice and thin and silky on top.  On the taste, I didn't get much hop kick to the beer; basically just seemed to have enough  to balance the malts.  Unfortunately for this beer, I probably am drinking it the wrong time of year and also was trying to drink it while finishing up the last hour of a 17 hour work day.  It was not a fun day for sure but we got the work done and I thought I should celebrate.  For the time of year, and the event I probably should have decided on something else but alas this was my choice.  For me, this was not a favorite but in general I think it was a great quality beer that deserves a taste especially if you are a Brown Ale fan.  It is a little a typical of some of the bigger name Brown Ales out there but still very small and tastefully done.
*note - after that 17 hour work day, and today was another heavy hitter I accidentally deleted this pic during the transfer from phone to computer.  This is the first and hopefully last of this mistake.  Back up Back up Back up!
4/28/12 - Blue Moon - Agave Blonde Ale - All though the name sounds tempting an interested I was not to excited about trying this one.  Sure, I've had a few Blue Moon varieties that I've liked; but this is not one of them.  The Agave plant is a plant that is used in making tequila if you were not aware.  It is a naturally sweet plant that is often used as a replacement sweetener for common table sugar.  I have actually seen a few brews out there in the last few years using this in their brews.  This one was a fail in my book.  The poured a very light yellow in the glass.  This was a very sweet and very undrinkable beer in my opinion.  It did have a crisp almost lager like characteristic to it though which was possibly its only redeeming quality.  Unfortunately, to me this seemed to favor a cheap tequila in my mind.  So, I made a mention on my site on Friday I believe whether any of the "Big 3" could really produce a quality "Craft Brew" and this is not one of them.  This was a fail in my book.  I'll keep searching. 

4/27/12 - Stone, Fat Head's, Bear Republic - TBA - Friday night was one of the last nights I was able to partake in the PCBW.  Called on a bunch of friend headed up to The Pine in Kennedy Township.  Happy to accommodate the 16 or so party that we had we were happy to dine at their establishment.  Honorable mention is the Veggie Grilled Cheese at this place!  It is FANTASTIC.  If you haven't had it get up there and try it - tell them I sent you.  I was lucky enough to try the last PCBW collaboration brew & a few other nice beers.  This was a collaboration by Stone, Fat Heads and The Bear Republic Brewing.  I do not see anything that specifically stated this was for PCBW as I really only see the 3 collaborations on the site.  Either way, I had to have this one.  It was great starting with the nice classy bottle design.  The pour was big and head with a deep brown color as brown as the bottle.  A little unfiltered in the glass made this look and feel more like a home brew.  This was a great malty sweet beer in a glass.  It was a nice medium to heavy body.  The head clung to the side of the glass the whole way through the drink.  There was a huge hop aroma and taste in every sip but not obnoxiously IPA hoppish; a nice hop balance to the sweetness.  It was extremely sweet and had some brown sugar flavors in the glass over all a great beer.  I just wish I could "count" more beers beers because the last Home Opener Kolch collaboration beer was awesome as well but only one beer a day!

Thanks for reading and sticking around.


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