Tonight's writing is coming to from "Get'r'done'R'Us".  So much happening at 365 through today and this weekend I didn't want this day to get away from me.  My 9-5 job is getting in the way of my 5-9 job.  Who am I kidding?  My 9-5 job is more like - 24/7 on and off depending on the day/week/month/ect.  And this week and next is one of the heavy weeks.  So, lots of preparation going on there I can't do much preparing here.  Until I find a way to make a living drinking/making beer I'll have to settle for the paycheck I get from my grown-up job.  Even with out that, I got some daddy day care work going on, dinner cooking, and I'm getting a bit tired.  Dinner tonight is one of our favorites - quinoe cakes with poached eggs.  Recipe compliments of annie-eats.com.

Anyway, not much time left.  So this is going to be quick.  Bottom line - the beer nice.  It pours a nice golden almost redish tint.  It has a hazy unfiltered look to it that I always love in a bottled beer.  I'm probably drinking it a few degrees colder then it should be but refreshing none the less.  When you take a whiff of this one you get a hint of the hops used in the beer but I don't get a lot more for it.  The taste is a little light for a pale ale.  It is refreshing and crisp for sure.  It has sort of a orange / grapefruit citrusness to it.  I like this beer because it doesn't SCREAM hops but you can tell their presence is accounted for.  The malty sweetness does support this beer nicely.   It is a medium body drinker which makes it nice to have 2 or 3 of these with no problem.

One nice note about this beer was the reason it was brewed - the bottle states:  "This ale was created after back-to-back hurricanes devastated Louisiana.  With your help the Abita Brewing Company raised over $550,000 for hurricane relief."  I love it when beer does good for the community.  I hear by state if/when I ever get involved in the brew industry it will be in an attempt to help the community that it is served in.  That is a great reason to brew beer.  Thanks for listening.  Have a good night.


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