If you ever get a chance to stop in Idaho Springs, Colorado, do your self a favor... STOP!  This is a cool little miners town and will take no more then an hour or two of your day.  From what I remember its like one or two streets right of of 70 heading from Denver into the mountains usually on your way to a great ski destination, maybe hiking, or whatever your pleasure.  There are two things that I know of personally in Idaho worth finding.

The first is BeauJo's Pizza.  This is a cool little place that makes some off the hook Pizza's.  Now, to all my readers from the east coast - this isn't your typical New York/Philly/New Jersey style thin crust pizza (I'm sure there is a difference between all three of those and you can write to me and tell me the differences.  I would love to hear your

_opinions on the topic.)  And I am a HUGE Fan of that style pizza; but no this is something different.  These are intense, and if you get the Colorado style that is the thick crust it is a hefty pizza to attack.  They can make custom order pizza's and have a bunch of ones already put together on the menu.  There is still like a mine shaft right in the middle of the building that you can look down into and throw some coins in to make a wish and find the gold.  In my opinion its ones of those COOL off the beaten path kind of places worth the visit.  Right up the street is the Tommy Knockers Brewery.  I believe I stopped in here for one cold one a while back but can't remember much about the actual stop - I was on my way to Breckenridge and at the time was again not as into Craft Beers as I am today.

Well, the story has it that these miners moved to Idaho Springs back in the late 1800's and spoke of some mysterious mine elves.  Anyway, if you want the story check out their site - I am not trying to plagiarize here.  Anyway, what I remember the brewery sits right on the corner and unless it has expanded was not really all that big of a bar.  The beers are fairly good and thirst quenching for sure.  This particular Maple Nut Brown is nice and sweet.  At for 4.5% alcohol this beer would be an easy drinking beer.  For my tastes though, this is a little two sweet to drink to many.  It has a very huge taste of brown sugar sweetness in it.  I also get a hint of the maple in every sip which again is nice but a little sweet.  Now I may be crazy but when I smell this beer I get a very distinct smell, almost like a buttery slice of fresh french toast covered in maple syrup.  I know - I could be completely wrong there but that is the first thing that came to mind.  I really do like this brew.  This could actually be a nice after dinner beer, or maybe a perfect beer to crack on a weekend ski trip to the mountains when you have a large eggs, bacon, french toast, pancakes, sausage type meal planned before going out to rip the slopes!  I really like this beer and will maker it high.  Looking down into the snifter of the beer it almost looks like a really thin fresh maple syrup in the glass.  It is extremely brown.  In your mouth it is light and refreshing and mighty tasty.  If you enjoy this beer let me hear your opinion.

Tonight I started working on playing with my photography a bit more - for your pleasure I added the freshly made CHEAP light box I made tonight to start fooling around with my new camera.  Although I tried the manual mode of the camera (I think that is what it was), I got NO GOOD shots of that - I set it to auto and the picture above along with a little Picaso touch up came out pretty nice.  I'll continue playing with this and see how well my photography advances.  Of course, I still need to do a few touch ups to the light box and PROBABLY need to get a bigger box... but this was a nice start and the outcome wasn't to bad!  At least you don't have random shots of my house in the background as often any more!  Also - experimenting with the "read more" break.  I wanted to see how it works on this page.
Still a work in progress. Need to finish the white at the top. Also, need new lighting - these are borrowed from the fish tank and bedroom. But not a bad start.

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