Terrapin Brewery Company is located in Athen Georgia.  This is a brewery I know little about.  I've seen their brews here and there but never really remember trying them any time in the past.  Finally my 2012 challenge is breaking me into that "beers I've seen but never tried" category!  Its paying off and that makes me a happy drinker.

This beer poured a very bright yellow.  I would liken it to the yellow of a bright young summer sun.  There was nothing really special about the pour as it poured a normal 1 finger head.  I have to say over all I really enjoyed this beer.  I drank this at Mad Mex in Robinson after dropping off my Minivan for a new set of wheels after a flat I had earlier in the day.  More on that in a minute; but now back to the beer.  I really enjoy this beer.  It was a typical pale ale beer with the bittiness of the hops the main character.  But I would say this beer has found a way to set itself apart from other Pale Ales and pure hop flavor.  There was an even-ness to this brew that I find hard to come by in Pale Ales.

My history with IPA and APAs is a one year jaunt about 6 years or so ago.  A beer couldn't be hoppy enough for me.  I wanted the hops.  I wanted ALL the hops.  I didn't care about anything else.  This lasted for about a year and I was done.  Its like anything else you grow a found attraction.  A beautiful blonde or red head, maybe a hobby you never thought you would like or cold be good at.  At some point, you try it so many times and begin to get an aversion to said thing (almost a allergic reaction sort of speak).  So for the past few years I've avoided Pale Ales like the plague!  I'm finding that I think I can once again start enjoying them.  That is by no stretch why I liked this beer.  I think the perfect amount of RYE has been used in this brew along with the balance of the 4 hops used (Magnum, Fuggle, East Kent Golding, Amarillo (Dry Hop)).  These ingredients  have been masterfully blended.  The gentle spice that comes off the rye.  The specific flavors and smell coming off the Fuggle and Golding hops were not hidden but flourished throughout.  It was very solid and balanced.  I could definitely see myself kicking back and enjoying a few of these brews.  Will have to look for this one again soon.

Well, I am off to a homeowners annual association meeting.  I am not looking forward to this meeting in the least so maybe I'll have to find some more Terrapin's after said meeting.  If you know of ANYONE looking to purchase a townhouse for sale in Pittsburgh PA please send them my way.  I want out - I want the luxuries that come with a single family home.  Yes I even want the pains and work that comes with it.  I think I have grown enough and ready for the challenge.  Please help me sell this beautiful townhouse!


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