Well, one thing I haven't been doing this year is losing weight.  In all fairness, I haven't even really been trying.  Our house is back on the market and that adds a stress that just makes stress eating great for me.  Sure, you can blame it on the beer that I'm drinking and I know that doesn't help but I'm here to say, that the beer is not the only factor in causing this none weight lose problem.  Over the last two weeks I have started running again.  I'm hopeful that with running, I'll start feeling a bit better and with feeling better I'll start eating better.  Lets face it; that is such a vicious cycle, of we are tired/stressed/ect from the winter/work/life/ect so we try to grab a vice to make us feel better.  Some people its food, some its alcohol, and the list goes on.  Well, you start indulging in this and it brings your mood and body down more.  You start feeling worse and its harder to get motivated.  Well, I'm finally trying to end that cycle.  I'm trying to start working out.  I'm also working with my wife to eat healthier.  So, why the picture of pizza?  Cause I'm going to start this tomorrow... ;)

Anyway, so the pizza in the picture was leftover (unfortunately not as good left over as it was fresh).  But the beer on the other hand was a nice change up.  I have to get through the last few "winter beers" that I have down there before it Spring... well springs!  So, I thought I would drink this.  It was nice and crisp.  It is brewed with spices like orange peel and coriander and cinnamon.  Though I tasted a nice spiciness to the beer I didn't readily notice any one of these ingredients shining through.  They were all nice background noise to a well rounded solid brew.  I think that is the thing with Sam Adams on a GENERAL NOTE.  They make good solid beer.  In my opinion, nothing earth shattering and mind blowing.  And nothing that is complete crap.  Yes, yes, I know they have some "specialty" big brews - Utopia being the biggest.  Anyone want to invite me over for a sampling of this I'll be happy to give you company!  I can say I had a SPECIALTY beer from Sam a few years back that was HORRIBLE.  In Sam's defense, I think the bottle had just gone bad (or at least I HOPE that was what the problem was).  But when wrote to the company to ask about the beer I never really did get a good answer.  That did leave me with a bad taste in my mouth with Sam Adam''s literally and figuratively for a little while.  But because they have a relatively honest and fair product it they brought me back.  As for this Winter Lager, I can say that it reminded me of a slightly stronger more alcohol warmth spicy version of the regular Boston Lager.  That they basically used their signature beer and built off a strong product.  In my mind that is a solid equation for a good winter beer.  All told, this was a good beer.  The pizza regretful calories.

So, here I begin my pledge: I promise to my body to eat better and take better care of myself again.  I really need to lose some weight and not drinking beer is not part of this equation.  I have to learn how to LOSE WEIGHT and be able to enjoy my favorite beverage - beer!  Anyone out there with suggestions/tips/thoughts - feel free to comment.  I'm going to start trying to run at least 4-6 miles a week.  Working on getting that back up to the 7-10 I was doing early last year.  Stress in life will always be here... provided my health keeps me around long enough to get through it all!  Good night and until my next beer.


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