I think Sam Adams makes a fairly quality product for sure.  Nothing to fancy (with some exceptions of course).  Boston Lager is their original brew made by Jim Koch back in 1984 in his kitchen.  He made this beer and new that it was going to travel the distance.  Bottom line, Jim knows good ingredients and I think it is his devotion to good ingredients that produces such a fine product.  This Boston Lager is no exception.  It is crisp.  It is clean.  It is a dirty yellow pour in the glass.  It is a nice balance of hops and barely sweetness.  The head history rings are left on the glass to tell you that you once had a full beer in your glass.  Maybe hanging around hoping that you refill it with more of the same to make it happy again.  Over all this is a pretty good beer.  I don't think there is anything that sets it apart from other well made lagers.  But I have nothing really negative to say about it.

I've actually had the pleasure of touring this brewery while staying up in Boston a few years back.  It is a tremendous tour in my opinion.  They do a great job of telling you the story of the beer.  They are generous with the free samples at the end of the tour and the "beer tasting" room they have you hang in for the samples made me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  It was like a bar down the street type bar.  You instantly felt at home and comfortable.  As if ever time you are drinking in there you are sitting with Jim himself.  Over all, this was one of my favorite brewery tours.  I would recommend it to anyone and will do it again someday for sure.  That said, I highly recommend the city of Boston as well.  Another one of my 'favorites' in this country!  I've been to a few cities here and there but Boston was great.  I have a few friends in Boston that we love to visit when in town!

Thanks for reading.  Here's to your next beer!


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