I'll be honest, I'm a fan of Deadliest Catch.  I'll admit - Captain Phil was my favorite captain on the show.  I'm not playing favorites or jumping on the band wagon.  He always seemed to remind me of my father.  I don't know if the beard did it but I think my father resembled Captain Phil.  I also think they both had sort of a similar rugged tough guy attitude.  There is a side of me that wished I came from a rugged/family business world like this show follows.  Of course, not being from that I can't ever really imagine myself really doing this crabbing gig for a living.  Sure, I remember spending a lot of time on the river and Chesapeake Bay - but none of that held water to this career.  If I had a #2 captain - Captain Sig would probably be that guy.  He is a bit of a short fuse but really seems to have the best operating ship on the Bearing Sea.  I had planned on drinking this while catching up on the show and still may do that later tonight.  For now, on to review the beer.

This beer is an Indian Red Ale on Rogue's website.  This beer pours a nice amber color in the glass.  The head is pretty heavy on a vigorous pour but settles down nicely to a thin white head on top of the beer.  It seems to sit nicely on top of the beer to allow the nice hoppy aroma to flow from the glass.  The smell is filled with a huge amount of grapefruit.  When I take a drink, the initial reaction is a bit thinner bodied liquid with heavy bite.  The hops in this brew kick up a heavy 80 IBU.  This high hop kick gives it just the "saltiness" that a big storm on the Bearing Sea packs on to the crabbing boats of Deadliest Catch.  I definitely could enjoy this beer while out fishing/crabbing on a nice cool day on the water.  It has a bit of warming characteristics with the red maltiness in the glass and at approximately 7% alcohol this is the perfect drink for the sea.

I bought this not expecting much.  Honestly, I bought it because I like the show - and Sig and the Hansen's are pretty cool.  Also, I know a bit about Rogue and generally like what they produce.  I am fairly happy with this beer even at the hop level it is coming in at.  A nice change up from my Pilsner beers I've been drinking recently.

Thanks for the read - Hope you are enjoying!


05/15/2012 16:27

My top five Colorado beers are: http://www.umbrelladrink.com/2012/05/15/top-five-colorado-microbrews/

05/16/2012 15:23

Where did you find this? I would buy it just for the bottle

05/17/2012 14:33

Third Street - I got this at my local grocery store Market District in Robinson, PA. I'm on the outskirts of Pittsburgh PA. I thought the bottle was pretty cool also.


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