Chug! Chug! Chug!  Remind you of your college days?  Yea, maybe a little bit.  OK, so I'm not necessarily hear to say I condone such actions.  BUT, there are several times the above action is considered appropriate.  Appropriate you think?  Yes, appropriate I answer.  What about college partying days;  Or how about your Father-in-law finds a 'special' at the local beer store .  How else should you get rid of it?  Or a Jimmy Buffett concert is always good.  I personally like to kick off most of my beach vacations with one of these bad boys... not always but sometimes.  OK, but this one... This particular beer above has SPECIAL meaning.  Yes, special meaning in my heart and memories.  Today is the day that my Brecken got her OFFICIAL ALL CLEAR message from her ENT Specialist Dr Maguire of Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC.  Ok, so probably not how the doctor wants to be linked.  And not the best post for him.  But this guy is great!  He was incredibly professional and down to earth.  He explained everything he could in 10 different ways till myself and my wife understood what was going on each time.  He specializes in the Air way Clinic at Children's, and my daughter had a laryngeal cleft.  That with some neurological immaturities caused Brecken to have a rough time with swallowing thin liquids practically since she was born (now 3.5 years old).  So for the the last 2 years, we have had to carry ThickIt around in little baggies that my wife and I would joke looked like crack. We would then add it to our daughters drink before she drank anything; water, milk, juice, ect.  If she drank with out ThickIt she would likely 'penetrate' or worse 'aspirate'.  Was it a life threatening condition?  Not really - but it held a huge risk of aspiration pneumonia and other respiratory conditions.  The story is long and I don't want to bore you, if you need/want more information please contact me - I'll provide what I can and even better give you the contact information of our doctor!  To cut to the chase, 2 weeks ago Brecken went for her annual Cookie Swallow (Modified Barium Swallow) and results were good.  No, they were GREAT!  Terrific!  The speech pathologist on hand was so excited that at 3.5 she has begun to develop coping mechanisms to deal with this condition.  She still seems to have the condition from what they say, but basically, she is mentally and  neurologically developing skills to work around/with it.  Our bodies are incredible devices - even Dr Maguire mentioned that he has continually learned from this case.  This condition in pediatric cases is stll relatively new and the doctors are constantly learning.  So here is to Brecken!  She can dink thin liquids.  We no longer must thicken anything - just monitor her for any change for the worse.  We are obviously ecstatic around here.

So, naturally it seemed the affectionately called 'ShotGun' as demo'd above was a great way to send off he thickening ordeal.  And what more appropriate beer to do it with then with something that is not worth a sturdy evaluation.  Pabst Blue Ribbon - Light (everytime I type it I cringe a little) is a low end beer, no one should argue that.  Some people out there drink this beer religiously!  For those that do, my hat goes off to you as you are sadly missing out on a whole world of liquids that taste better and have more character.  Sure, sure, you can say - I LIKE BEER and I can't afford the good stuff.  I personally feel life is to short and can't afford to drink this stuff!  Usually this is the stuff my father-in-law has around his house.  Every other week the selection runs low and he replenishes with the news swill on sale.  I don't usually complain because free beer is better than no beer ( mostly ).  And let's face it, he usually is forced to drink whatever I have on stock at my house which is not usually to his liking.  So, for that I attempt to stay grateful.  Every once in awhile, he'll go really low and bring something like PBR or something and I'm sure I'll make a face or comment.  But I still drink it!  I usually get more crap from him about drinking it then I make!  Usually!  So, this beer is not good in my opinion.  It lacks anything of quality.  If drank cold and quickly, ie Shot Gun, it is barely bearable - allow this beer to get to 1 degree above freezing and look out.  All sorts of imperfections start to show.  Proceed at your own risk!  This was the first beer ( of many this year I'm sure ) not worthy of a glass in my opinion.

You can read this how you choose.  I'm not trying to be a beer snob here.  If you think I am - I can show you many people that wouldn't drink this if it was the last beer on the planet.  I am not that guy!  I drink beers like this on a semi-regular basis.  Sometimes, some places this beer has a place - college parties, Buffett concerts, and father-in-laws 'Final Approach Lounge' (or garage depending on how well you know him).  If you would, like there are other devices to drink this quickly like the Beer Bong or Funnel - google at your own risk.  Maybe the most appropriate drinking apparatus would be the 'Red Solo Cup' - Of course, I personaly would offend my solo cup with this beer - I would try to upgrade to something just a bit nice.

Cheers - and here is to Brecken!  Love you baby girl!

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