This beer seems better suited to be 'swimming with the fish'.  Although,  I don't think I would even ask Mickey, Minnie and Daisy to drink this (the name of the fish in the tank).  In all seriousness, the website states this beer tastes like chocolate covered cherries.  These have never been one of my favorite candies as there was to many artificial tastes/sweets in the candy.  I disliked this beer enough to go to the O'Fallon's website and see what they said about it.  Granted - I THINK they nailed what they are going for - a CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRY!

That said, I greatly dislike them so my opinion is biased based on that.Reviewing the beer, well the one redeeming quality of this is that it states it is a wheat beer.  You can sort of get a soft/smooth nice texture from the beer - if you can get past the smell and taste.  The smell - take one chocolate covered cherry, break it open and smell.  This hits you right in the face of that smell.  There is an artificial chocolatey smell with a cherry smack.  The taste is obnoxious.  Initially, you receive a artificial chocolate taste on your tongue that seems to linger through the whole swig.  From there, you start to find the cherry fighting for attention.  It is definitely cherry there but I am instantly turned off by the chocolate flavor in this one.  The texture as I said is nice.  It is light and smooth to the taste like a wheat beer should be.  It finishes with an after taste of that artificial chocolate flavor lingering.  The pour was a red to red brown color with little head that didn't hang out for long at all.

I obviously didn't like this very much.  The reality is their goal was to get a chocolate cover cherry and I think they nailed that.  It really takes me back to the first time I tried a chocolate covered cherry and tasted it for a week.  Now, my wife is a fan of the Choc Covered Cherry and she was not a fan of this beer either.  So, not sure what to make of this.  My brother-in-law stopped over and sampled some and loved it.  I tried incorporating his thoughts but I'm not sure he has met a beer he hasn't liked (except for that one at the Tower that was apparently really skunked - but if memory serves me he still drank the beer entirely)!  Anyway, so that is today's review.  I will definitely not be going out to find any more of these - though I wouldn't mind trying a few more of O'Fallen's brews since this was such a "specialty beer".  Hope everyone has a great night.


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