Last night was one of the best "date nights" I've had in a very long time.  I was asked by my oldest daughter to attend "Daddy and Daughters Dance Night".  There were a few other dad's that I knew that were going and I knew we would have a great time!  With the exception of the loud squeals coming from the 5-9 year old girls with the changing of every song, the night was actually better then I expected.  We had a great time; I don't get to watch J hang out with her friends all that often and see how she plays and who she plays with.  She only asked me to dance a few songs (thankfully) but I cherished those songs.  I was bummed she didn't come find me for "Daughter's" when it was playing.  That song was playing as we were pulling in the hospital parking lot that crisp early morning when J had decided to be born!  As like high school dances I remember way back when, we "boys" hung to the outside of the dance floor and proudly and with phones snapping pictures watched our girls growing up right in front of us.  It really does bring a tear to my eye when I think about how fast this time right here right now is flying by.  I was honored and privileged to be J's date for the night...

And glad that we went back to our friends house after wards to relax a bit and have a few drinks as we often do!  We had quite a selection to choose from and the night was getting away from me.  It wasn't till 10:30 or 11 I realized I hadn't picked my beer of the day.  That is when Big B said, why not use this hefty hopped monster as your beer of choice, and so I did!  I present to you North Country Brewery Paddlers Pale Ale.  The description on their site reads:
   "This clean, crisp ale was dry-hopped and is as refreshing as a plunge in the Slippery Rock Creek"
And I say, WOW!  It was very clean and crisp.  When they say they dry hop this, I'm fairly confident they didn't save a single hop from the brewery.  If you like HOPPY beers then this is one for you!  Every sip was like taking possibly a Chinook Hop pellet and chewing it by itself.  But, the thing that made this beer work for me was that the malts really were there to support that hop smack!  I'm not sure how they accomplished such a "balanced" beer with that much hop but they did a nice job.  Yes, the Hops are the main character of this play but they are happily supported by the cast and crew of malts that lift them up!

Only being an hour north of Pittsburgh in Slippery Rock, I may just be requested a road trip to sample some of their other fine products.  Big B goes on record stating their Station 33 Firehouse Red is incredible.  I think I see a road trip in the future for Blute 365 Beers!  Now, WHO IS COMING WITH ME?

Sorry about the pic quality lately.  I know they are not my best work.  But I'm just trying to play catch up her


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