Just received a new case of Christmas beer I'm SUPER excited about.  I have 12 beers pictures above in the variety pack; 2 of each.  The hard part is going to be keeping at least one of these each till January 1.  I'm not sure how that will happen.  Check the picture above and let me know your thoughts!

Went out to dinner last night at 11 in Pittsburgh with a great group of friends.  I am still thinking about that dinner!  It was fantastic.  If you ever find yourself there BE SURE to try their cask conditioned Manhattan!  WOW.  It was fantastic.  Took me 1/2 the meal to drink the thing!

Also, just started Christmas vacation for myself.  That means no work till Dec 27th!  Much needed R&R.  I've already got plans that take me to Fat Head's in Pittsburgh.  I'm not sure but I think I'm going to meet some of the fine people that own and operate that wonderful establishment.  I'll definitely be drinking a few good beers.  Not to mention partake in some of the awesome food down there!

Signing off for now - we have some family running around today.  And are hitting Kennywood tonight for the Xmas lights.  Hopefully tonight or tomorrow my plan is to work on the rules of the 365 Beers and get that on the site here for all to read.  Off for now; look for the rules coming soon!

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