"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?"

This is the story of my world currently.  I live in a house of one wife, one 6.5 year old daughter, one 3.5 year old daughter, and a female cat.  There are some fish that reside here as well but I'm not sure of the age or sex at this point.  In this world that I find myself in I am extremely happy, but lets face it - its a woman's world.  I have hair brushes, dresses, pinkness, tears, drama, entertainment and happiness.  Its one big ball of emotion.

Tonight, my daughter had a play date.  These two besties were made for each other.  They have been together, well as long as I can remember.  Jordan met Alayna at the ripe old age of 11 weeks old (maybe 12).  Alayna is one week older.  After seeing them play tonight if 6 old girls would run the world we might be in a much better place.  As Alice stated above, nothing would be what it is. It would be as they wanted.  They are persistant enough to make it be.  And they are willing to do everything in their power (typically this means 20-40 minutes of temper tantrum crying in my house) to make it this way.  Things haven't made a lot of sense since my daughter turned 6 and I suspect  it will only get crazier as she gets older.  Oh, its entertaining; tonight's entertainment - the girls wanted to start their very first business (or is it there 100th?)  In this company, the girls were going to go door to door selling ice cream.  Its winter so not a bad idea.  Unfortunately, it was getting dark and my road is more of a race track then a back road so the answer was no.  But that is not how they saw it.  The persistance of these girls and the actions the two took in the 30-45 minutes of me saying no, had me thinking - MAYBE, just MAYBE an Ice Cream Company ran by 6 year old girls was the perfect answer.  Then I thought, why stop there, why not malls, restaurants, amusement parks, President?, the world?  I mean, lets face it - there energy is never ending.  There imagination and creativity is bar none.  They are good!  They are brilliant.  They are cute!  Who could say no?

Then I looked at the bottle I was drinking and thought - Hm, Mad Hatter?  This seems all to appropriate.  Almost like the girls some how tricked me and put a "magic pill" in my lunch to make it so.  They are crafty after all.  Who is to say what they would be capable of?  No, no magic, no slight of hand, but maybe a little crazy Mad Hatter is running around this house tonight trying to relax after the girls calmed down.

New Holland's Mad Hatter was very good.  I drank two different IPAs tonight - but of course I am only reviewing one today.  I will save the other to drink and review for another time.  It was very solidly balanced for an IPA.  There was definitely a malty sweet character that balanced out the hop notes enough to not make it be one tiered.  It had a very impressive hop kick to it though.  It was true to the IPA form and did not leave you wishing there was more.  It was actually pretty simple.  If you like Hoppy beers but want it to taste more like a beer then a liquid hop try this beer.  Oh you get the hop aroma from the dry-hopping.  You even get smacked with a nice hop taste but the Mad Hatter doesn't try to confuse you that you are drinking beer.  It only tries to confuse you with this question:
  "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

What?  You don't know the answer - neither do I?  And apparently neither did the author when the question was posed.  Sort of makes you think maybe they had a 6 year old in their house when they were writing this.  The link here, if you were not sure was that Alice was approximately 7 years old in this story Alice in Wonderland.  And of course, Alayna and Jordan are at the ripe age of 6.5 - so just on the verge of turning 7!  Oh the things I have to look forward!

A few sides:
1.  I got many of my notes for this from IMDB.com and found out Alice was 7 (as I guess she was close to) from Ask Yahoo
2. Though, I wish the Steelers were still in the playoffs they are not; and I had to root for the better of two evils today and the Patriots took the win beating the Ravens (Yet, another link to this post with the Mad Hatter's question about the writing desk?)!  Though, I've got mixed emotions about the Pats going to the Super Bowl AGAIN... I'm glad not to see Baltimore go - I'm sorry if I have any Raven's readers on here - I hope you will not think lesser of me.  Its JUST FOOTBALL... but it makes me happier that they lost.
3.  The world lost an INCREDIBLE human being today!  Joe Paterno was iconic.  He will live on in my mind as one of the best College Football Coaches (if not coaches) of all time.  The things he did for that town, for his college, for the students that attended that college, and the students that played under him go unmatched by many.  The world has lost an idol today and the heavens have gained a good man.  I hope to live a happy and healthy life to the ripe age of 85+ as Joe displayed.  It is sad what had happened to put a shadow on his incredible journey of life but I hope those few horrific moments that were not directly related to him do not hold a dampness on his otherwise generous and amazing career.  The skies were Blue and White in Pittsburgh today and I think that is Gods' way of accepting Joe Pa into heaven.  R.I.P. Joe Paterno and my prayers go out to his family and closest friends.
4.  This beer was gifted to me from my Brother-In-Law - J.D. - greatly appreciated the beer and thank you for this.  Obviously, I couldn't incorporate your story for this one into tonight's story.  Although - I'm sure I could have twisted the "it isn't how/what it is supposed to be" into your story easily if I wanted to - maybe another time.


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