The year is 1554 and somethings that went down of importance was:Jan 5 – A great fire breaks out in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Jan 25
São Paulo, Brazil, is founded.
Feb 9
Thomas Wyatt surrenders to government forces in London.[1]
Feb 12
– After claiming the throne of England the previous year, Lady Jane Grey is beheaded for treason alongside her husband.
Mar 17
– Princess Elizabeth is imprisoned in the Tower of London.
April 12
Mary of Guise becomes Regent of Scotland.
July 23July 25 – Queen Mary I of England marries King Philip of Naples, the only son of Emperor Charles V, in Winchester, England.
August 2
Battle of Marciano: SeneseFrench forces are defeated by the FlorentineImperial army.
August 12
Battle of Renty: French forces led by Francis, Duke of Guise turn back an invasion of Picardy by Charles V.
(Accordingly to Wikipedia)

All those crazy things and they left out this recipe that New Belgium brewing company LUCKILY recovered from an age old flooded Belgian text.  Quite possibly this style/recipe is arguably the most incredible finding of its time.  New Belgium Brewing has put together a great beer here.  The beer is a darker style beer.  But it is not thick and completely roasty.  It has a nice rounded flavor to the beer.  It had a nice lingering head retention with some heavy bubble.  It definitely has some porter like qualities with out the heaviness of some darker heavier beers.  In general, this beer was a very drinkable very enjoyable beer.  It was darker in the glass but not black.  You were able to see it was clear and clean.  I will definitely like to drink more of these.

Thank you Chris D for this Donation to the Blute 365 Beer Challenge.  Here at 365 we cherish our followers and donators and put them on a pedestal.  With out you guys, I would be drinking many more cheap brews through this blog.  And you guys add the variety of beers to this site that only friends can do!  Thanks

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