Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody... OK, so not true - My wife is here, my daughter is curled up on the floor watching The Incredibles, and Daughter #2 is fast asleep in bed.  So, actually so far so good on the Saturday night scene.  My have times a changed; this is actually relatively enjoyable.  Of course, I wish my wife wasn't sick and it would also be fun for an unknown drop by but this is pretty much the American dream I'm living.  I can remember being single, living life to the fullest; out every night; partying hard; boy life was good!  Then I met this really hot chick!  She was awesome, nothing go in my way of hanging with her.  She was/is my lobster and we went out and partied sometimes, and stayed in and hung out; man Life was GREAT!  Then we got married... I don't think for her and I things changed drastically with the marriage.  Except of course, we did move from the east side of Pittsburgh to the West.  We started partying OUT less and hanging in more.  Found more young married couples like ourselves and hung with them; partied hard and things were good.  Life was EXCEPTIONAL.  Sure there is/was times I'd attempt to live life vicariously through single friends; out every weekend partying it up and meeting new girls.  But you know, life is/was good where I was at!  Then we had baby girls!  Two of them just 3 years apart, life has changed drastically for us lately!  Things are challenging.  Parenting is hard.  Don't let anyone tell you differently.  It is a daily struggle of right and wrong!  But life is AWESOME/SPECTACULAR/FANTASTIC!  I don't want it to be any different!  Its great.

Of course, tonight is the night I get a text from my dear brother-in-law - at apparently one of the greatest bars on the planet?  Or at least they have a lot of great beers in Ohio.  Place called Boardman, Ohio - Vintage Estate Wine and Beer.  In his words, not mine this place has "more beers then china has rice!".  Haha, although it is something I would probably say about a place.  I very briefly reviewed the website but jumped quickly as I started thinking. o O ( Ah the life with out kids... how nice!  Look at the places we could go! ) O o . then I smacked myself as I often times do.  It is nice!  I'm sure it is great!  But I am truly happy where I am.  So, I open a new brew and sit back and relax and enjoy "The Incredibles" in the background.

I did go to my beer fridge and search for the "oldest beers in there" worrying about last nights dilemma.  I found an Atwater Dirty Blonde; I cracked it open to try and honestly, couldn't tell if it was bad or was just me being paranoid.  So, to be fair I am not reviewing that beer tonight - instead I'm going to review the last of my bitter beers that I have had stored away for the last 2-3 weeks that I've been excited about.  It is just chilling now.

On to the beer - Monk's Cafe - Flemish Sour Ale - The bottle reads - "Flemish Sour Red Ale - We blend young and old beers to make this mildy sour sour ale.  Light bodied with a lactic/sour nose and a bit of sweet and sour in the finish.  Very refreshing."  As it sits under my nose, I get small hints of sour coming from the glass.  My mouth immediately starts to salivate as I've been looking forward to this beer for about 3 weeks now.  I take a large sip and pow!  It hits me.  It is definitely a sour ale!  I see why the guy at Market District said it has a distinct, acquired taste.  This beer is not for the beginner in my opinion.  Though it is light on the tongue, it is a dark looking beer with a bunch of sour which tries to be subtle but really does not hide itself well.  It is there in the front and all the way through the finish.  The smell is interesting also, it smells of maybe sour apples or something pungent but "fresh" (if that is possible).  It has beer like qualities in the nose of sweet maltiness but the smell of maybe green/yellow apples punches through.  When I poured this beer the head was strong and aggressive.  As I drink it, the head lingers on the side gently and lays on top of the beer silently.  It never leaves as it is proud to be part of this pour.  The color is red'sh brown but in the bowl like glass I poured it into it is hard to determine exactly the color it should be.  But it is pretty.  As you sip it the texture and taste of beer is on the front but it is quickly washed away by a gentle yet secure sour taste that just cleans your palate as if to clear the way for the next sip.  It is a dry taste that definitely makes my mind confused - is it refreshing or is it dry?  It is yummy I know that.  I'd recommend this to any fan of beer looking for something a little bit different and big.  So far, my trips into the sour beers has not disappointed; they are everything I had hoped for in this style and more.  I may have to go back to Market District and look for that other 4 pack the "beer guy" told me was good stuff!  I think I'm definitely ready for more of this style.

EDIT:  Left out the link - as per site: BeerADay which I am assuming is a similar style blog this is a Philadelphia beer?  Seeing as I have a bunch of East PA Followers - please enlighten me.  I'm confused as this beer say "Product of Belgium" on it?  But no, this BeerADay site links this to its site for this brew - I'm cut and pasting so taking NO CREDIT FOR THE FOLLOWING INFO... right or wrong - this is what the site states: 

    Monk’s Cafe is a Belgian beer-lover’s oasis in Philadelphia, billed as a “Belgian Café & Beer Emporium”. Their Flemish Sour Red Ale is a private label beer brewed by Brouwerij Van Steenberge, and rumor has it this beer is actually the same as Van Steenberge’s Bios Vlaamse Bourgogne. But who cares — isn’t Flemish Sour Ale more to the point?

Please - East PA fans - enlighten me and leave notes here.  Either way I REALLY liked this beer!


02/18/2012 21:48

Miz and I went to Monk's once. Very nice and good beer.

02/19/2012 18:43

Oddly I also had a Monk's last night. It's brewed in Belgium for Monk's Cafe in Philly. I think it's good but can get a little too forward with the sour/vinegar notes. I wrote about a bunch of sours today...this one included.

02/19/2012 18:45

Yea - I saw that on your link I just finished reading! Sounds like the New Holland is one I should look for hu?


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