Here I sit, 12:46 am, my "day" job is getting the best of me.  So, lets recap the last two days; Sunday morning I wake up very under the weather.  I'm sure the beers the night before had something to do with it (live by the sword, die by the sword right?) but there has also been a nasty something going around.  And I think I've been rolling with it for the last 2 weeks.  Nothing that has completely taken me out but just really messed with my immune system.  Or at least that is what I'm going with for now.  So, Sunday morning wake up was not good.  I knew I had a party to go to that night that involved watching multiple funny commercials.  And apparently there was some "football game" in the middle of them.  If the Steelers aren't in it I mostly don't care.  I was sort of routing for the Pats at first - I sort of think Brady is a pretty damn good quarterback and probably "deserved" the win.  But then someone at the party reminded me of the whole "Bill-a-cheat" coaching debacle from a few years back.  And reminded me of why exactly I shouldn't have been rooting for them in the first place.  So, then I said, well I just don't care cause I'm not a Giants fan either.  No reason, I don't "Hate" the team or anything?  I just like the Steelers.  That simple.  There is only a team or two that I really wouldn't want to see win.

So, yes, I did drink a beer that day; and NO I haven't blogged about it yet.  It was a Sammy Seasonal - Alpine Spring.  I'll say it was an interesting beer - and hopefully sometime later today (2/7/2012) I'll get to blog about it.  Today, was an extremely stressful day because of the night of work ahead of me.  Here I sit 3 hours in and still haven't started but looks like things will be ramping up soon.  So, tonight's beer was a drink because I had to selection; I"m still under there weather (maybe more today then yesterday), my throat is sort, I have a deep raspy cough and I'm not sure if I'll be awake at all tomorrow or in a zombie like trance just trying to make it through the day.  But today's beer (actually now yesterday's beer 2/6/2012)  was a Heineken Light.  I have to say I was slightly surprised.  Not sure if it was the sickness or what... but it wasn't to bad.

Anyway, my work is starting now and I have to actually participate - 1:15 am and just getting start.  I love my "day job".

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