So, Sneaky Pete - I know it as a pool stick.  One of my old past times that I still love to do but just do not find myself doing as much of late.  Sneaky Petes are actually a pool cue designed to look like a house cue.  The shooter using a Sneaky Pete is usually "sharking" the other into playing for bigger money.  They hustle other players and hide the joint of the stick with their hand so the unsuspecting player does not know the player is playing with a personal cue.  It is a great concept that I always dug back in the day of shooting.  I am sitting here with the bottle unopened - hoping the brewers concept of this brew had nothing to do with hustling or being sneaky.  But I'm sure in SOME WAY it did.  Time to crack open the bottle and see what this beer holds.

Sneaky Pete hails from Laughing Dog Brewery.  It states on the bottle that it was brewed for Kysela Pere et Fils, Ltd. Importer and Resaler.  Just cracking the cap on the bottle of this beer I realized a HUGE Hop aroma; from an arms length away.  That immediately gave me an impression of this beer that defines the bottle of Imperial IPA.  What is a bit shocking to me about this beer is that it is actually not bad.  There is a malty sweetness that balances the HIGH level of hops on this beer.  The Alcohol content of this beer states 10% by volume, I assume this beer could have been aged a bit longer.  It tastes a little young with hop craziness.  This beer carries itself well with a medium body.  That helps support the heavy levels of hops that come from the aroma and taste of this beer.

Well played on the company's part - if you go to this site (part of the Kysela Pere et Fils) - you get a really good idea of the hops and grain bill in this brew.  I love brewers that are not afraid to post this info.  It helps me understand that Simcoe seems to be the prevailing hop in this beer.  I get huge citrus - as the site says huge grapefruit (not sure about the "white" grapefruit).  It is citrusy and robust.  The nice thing is that the grain bill is heavy enough to support it.  The ABV of 10% really helps support this sweetness as well and IN GENERAL this was a really nice beer.  As I finish this beer, I'm thinking the reason this beer was named the same as the hustler's pool cue is that it would only take 2 or 3 of these to be able to hustle just about anyone out of any money you wanted.  Thanks for the read.  I hope you enjoy!

Good night till tomorrow night.


Huh... who'd of thought I'd learn something about pool while reading about beer...

I agree with you... more brewers should post the kind of grain bill and hops they use... I think it will get people to talk about them...

04/29/2012 05:49

Did you happen to read my Edmund Fitzgerald? I was surprised to learn about that wreck as much as I did and all because of beer! Beer really is a professor of all...

07/13/2012 07:37

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