Tonight's Ale was brought to you buy The Pine Restaurant in Kennedy Township.  I met the owner or manager (I didn't catch which tonight).  My apologies - I should have definitely paid better attention to that.  Ms Ashley I believe someone was calling her.  I'm terrible with names - either way, she was very nice and was excited to hear of my challenge on 365.  Tonight is a relatively small post as I have a lot going on to prepare for tomorrow - Valentine's Day.  I'm not sure who came up with that holiday but honestly!  I'm still not a big fan!  I love my wife, I love my daughter's, I'm just not sure I need a day to prove that?  Isn't it valentine's day all year long?  Anyway, the Pine is a great place.  And I have to say my last few visits have seemed to be better then a few years back.  Maybe they are turning a new leaf with all the new construction they are doing.  Check them out if you are every i

So, tonight I drank Lancaster Brewery - Winter Warmer.  I loved this beer.  At 8.9% this was not a beer to mess with!  No, this warmed your insides on a cold winter day just as the name suggestions.  It is extremely complex spicey brew with a lot of richy Malty Sweetness cutter through ever sip.  The beer was not light or thin - It was a medium to heavy brew that really stuck to your ribs.  I must say one of these beers and I definitely could feel the affect of alcohol that bursting through.  This beer was off the tap and head a thick two finger head.  I would suggest this beer to any of my "strong ale" drinking friends.  On Lancaster's page they describe this as an "Olde Ale".  Rich, thick, malty and spicey; with a HUGE kick of alcohol!  Please enjoy this one responsibly!  But enjoy it none the less.

OK, off to help my wife with some chores and then to bed.  Another long day ahead of me tomorrow!  I have a "valentine's"'sh beer on tap for tomorrow - any guesses?  Actually, I've not looked into the beer at all but the name says a hot and spicey evening is in store - just what you are looking for on Valentine's day right?  Good night, sleep tight!  Until the morning!


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