Two nights in a row I'm caught up.  Feeling a little better about this blog - lets hope I can keep up the motivation.  That said, what is happening to the Pens - so far blowing a 3 nothing lead with 7 seconds left in the first.  Here it is about 5 minutes left in the game and the Flyers found a way to tie it up 3 - 3.  I have it on in the background, but I'm not a huge sports fan.  I like it but honestly after about 20 minutes of it I get bored and start looking else where.  Of course I can sit and watch hours of extreme sports which some people can argue is the same tricks over and over again.  Tonight I spent the evening catching up on my "All About Beer" mag subscription from March.  I found the Heritage brewery read very captivating.  Really educated me on some breweries and sales tactics that though I had heard a knew a little about - never quite realized were used to such extreme and with such success... namely "Premium Beer".  What a sales pitch!  The FIRST GUY that came up with this thought was GENIUS and should be a billionaire right now.  Enough ranting on to my beer...

Tonight's beer is a Colombian Beer; no not the city, the country of Colombia.  Geography was not my best subject so I admit I looked this up on google to see exactly where Colombia is located to find that it is the "LINK" that connects South America to the Mexican border.  I gotta say, in searching for the website for this beer Cerveza Aguila I am instantly reminded how sad and prudish our country really is; why do we hide the human form like we do?  I really need to move south to the warm breezes and sand beaches where people respect the human form.  Where we don't cover it in shame (or in the North's case - because of the cold).  I think I could drink any beer regardless of flavor if drinking brought me around more friends like I see in the beer images of the search for Aguila.  HAHA!  Enoguh about that, this beer is not very good.  First thing is first, I can not get past the smell.  I can only describe the smell as vomit.  It is horrible.  It was/is hard to get past that.  If you can power past the smell the taste is not that bad.  It definitely has some refreshing carbonation qualities to it.  But the taste is very musty skunked lager (and who knows maybe this has been skunked).  It has a metallic/can taste to it though it was poured from the body.  The only redeeming qualities I can find is that it has a relatively medium body, the carbonation level is a nice bubbly consistency and it is a nice refreshing bright yellow pour in the glass.  The yellow in the glass is as bright as the yellow label on the bottle.  I think the ONLY way I could possibly be convinced to drink more of these is if I were at a beach somewhere in Columbia and I had a few beer beauties serving them to me as if I was royalty.  And at 4% alcohol, you are not drinking this beer for the buzz factor for sure.  Other than that - I may find my self avoiding this one going forward.

I am glad this challenge has brought me to tasting imports like these (as I would probably have NEVER bought this one on my own).  Even though I'm not exactly happy with this beer I'm really appreciative at the opportunity to sample it.  I want to thank my wife's Uncle Wayne from Miami and my father in law for their shopping spree in Miami to find this "gem" of a beer.


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