Laptop malfunctions, vacations, children, work, travel, ect are just a few of the challenges that have had my blog become 2 weeks stale.  This really stinks as I am currently in Miami currently experiencing some great drinking and some good relaxation and can’t get it onto my blog today quickly because I am not 2 weeks stale on this writing.  Now I have to sit down and attempt to remember these past few beers that I have clearly procrastinated on.  These posts are going to be relatively short for the most part.  I’ll try to do justice on the ones I feel really deserve them for sure.
Lucky Bucket Brewing – Wheat – Grade 2.75
This beer hails from Lavista, Nebraska.  I may have never had this beer in my life if not for the “Beer of the Month” Club from the site  This gift is proof that my wife loves me because it is special beer not only given to me on my birthday but ALSO for several weeks after.  Thanks babe.  The first thing I noticed from this was huge hints of lemon smell on the nose.  The texture of the beer in my mouth was light and a bit watery.  The finish of the beer was nice and refreshing in my opinion.  The beer was murky yellow almost fluorescent in the glass.  The taste was nice and refreshing.  It was almost like a glass of refreshing lemonade though it had healthy notes of beer and wheat malts throughout.  Over all a very nice beer.

Lucky Bucket Brewing – Lager – Grade 3
I poured this in a nice frosted mug.  Again, another one of my birthday presents from my wife and children.  Love those girls. The color had a nice red color in the glass and held a nice strong head.  The flavors had some wood/oaky flavor almost as if it were conditioned in a cask though I’m sure it wasn’t.  These woody notes were mild and nice.  It was very nice and creamy, light ( it was a bit thin ) and crisp.  After the second or third sip this beer began to grow on me.  I am very happy to have found this beer through the AmazingClubs from above.  Thanks again Wife for this wonderful gift.

Lake Placid Brewing – Barkeater Amber – Grade 3
Well this is the first site that named their website after there flagship beer instead of the brewery itself; this through me off a bit since their flagship beer is Ubu Ale.  I knew nothing of this brewery but on reading a bit of there site this was the name of a patron’s friendly chocolate lab.  There is a great story about how the beer made it into the White House that is worth the read.  The beer poured nice dark amber brown in the glass.  Had a nice heavy creamy looking head lay on top.  It had a nice medium body on the tongue.  The beer came across with a huge caramel malty sweetness on the tongue.  The hops were light and balanced the malt nicely.  Over all the beer was a averagely decent beer.

Brouwerij Van Steenberge - Golden Draak – Grade 4.5
The CEO and I from 365 got a night out on the town and decided to take full advantage of the kidless night.  We met some friends at the Sharp Edge Creek House in Pittsburgh PA.  This is a place I really need to work on getting to more often.  It is an incredible Beer Bar in Pittsburgh that knows there stuff about beer.  To be fair, the beers are/were always awesome, the service and/or food sometimes leaves a bit to be desired and this night was no different.  We did end up leaving a bit early from this place because the service was not on top of its game which is a shame because the beers are always great.  And I actually want to say the prices seemed to go a bit higher here as well (though hasn’t that happened with all beer everywhere in general right).  Anyway, on to the beer – I had this one on draft.  It was a nicely poured beer in its own glass.  It was rich malty thick with a thin head.  The smell was pleasantly sweet as well.  In general this was an incredible beer.  I highly recommend this one if you see it out.

Saranac Brewery – Session IPA – Grade 2.5
This was a very light crisp yellow beer in the glass.  It came with a thin white head on top.  The nose was light at first but seemed to build of citrusy hoppy smells.  It was light and hoppy with a nice balanced malt balance.  It was very clean with a citrus bite.  For an IPA it was completely easy drinking.  Though, that would be what the “session” stands for.  In general the texture was light and refreshing but not exactly a great quality beer.  One great memmory from this night (even though the pic is over exposed) was that the 'family' (I think Brecken went to bed early that night) watched another one of the Harry Potter Movies.  Jordan really got into the first three this year.  We are not thinking of moving on to 4 or 5 for sometime.  But so far the first 3 movies have not scared her.  And the trip to Universal - will prove that watching the movies really did pay off as she loved the movies and the park and the Hermione Wand that "found her" in the wand shop at the park!

Saranac Brewery – Summer Ale – Grade 2.25
This was the night before vacation.  I was sitting at home before the big trip and had a few of these at home.  The bottle states that it was a “beer brewed with natural flavors”.  I’m not sure how a beer is “brewed with natural flavors” but OK.  Anyway, it was a wheat malted beer.  It was very light and wheat tasting with some citrus and grassy flavors.  It had a bit of orange flavor but very little in my opinion.  The over whelming taste I got was almost a lemon grass flavor.  The smell was a bit grassy with a bit of banana and maybe a bit of strawberry.  It was super light and almost a bit to watery for my flavor.


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