It has been a long time; as I’ve said in the past I’ve never wanted it to go this long between posts.   I had started with daily and felt good about that.  Recently I have been “holding 3-4 days” and playing catch up.  Though this is nice for me – I’ve heard a few people state that the blogs are a bit long.  I can understand that.  And now in the past week have really fell behind in blogging.  I’ll blame that on my day job and catching up with some great people that I haven’t seen in years.  Whether true or not, the biggest problem that came from this is that I have “lost”, not taken good notes and pictures of all beers over the last week or two.  Some beers are ones I’ve drank for ages so really shouldn’t cause a major problem in the blog realm and some are new and truly am not giving them the “RESPECT” they deserve.  For that I apologize; but alas – as I’ve stated in the past.  This really is currently a CHALLENGE to myself and free info to my followers.  So, if you don’t like the content I bring to you… take it up with the Corporate Offices of 365 and we’ll see what we can do to improve quality.  Till then, summer is fast approaching – with that brings GREAT BEER but not always the “free time” to sit and relax and write about them.  For that, I will try my hardest to keep all my faithful readers as current as possible with my beer journeys.  Now, on to the beers:

5/10 – Miller - High Life Lite – This is one of the casualty beers that I seem to not have taken a picture of – and that stinks.  I really thought that would be the “easiest” part of this blog with owning an iPhone and all.  But apparently, this does from time to time seem to get lost.  This beer was drank at my father-in-law’s across the street from me.  He just informed me tonight (5/20/2012) that there will not be any more “cheap” beer in his house.  This I’ve got to see!  Ha… anyway, there isn’t much to say about this beer – so I will not waste your time.  For a budget beer it does have a light creamy taste to it but falls short of even a good ol’Miller Lite in my opinion.  This is not an “avoid at all cost” style beer – but isn’t far from it.  I would rather the High Life or a straight Miller Lite for my money.  But when it is free from the Father in Law… I accept it and drink it happily.

5/11 – Samuel Smith - Organic Best Ale – I have a photo of this beer but for some reason can not locate any notes on this one.  As to not pretend – I found these notes on the site:

A delicately flavored golden ale in which subtle fruity esters from the Samuel Smith yeast strain interact with a background of maltiness and fresh hops. Brewed with water, organic malted barley, organic hops and yeast; fermented in ‘stone Yorkshire squares’.

I do remember enjoying this beer.  I had drank this beer Friday night before leaving for a week long work trip.  I have a picture for you on this one but not much else to speak of.  It is worth having one if you ever cross paths with it.  But I don’t remember it being truly remarkable; nothing seriously exciting.

5/12 – Sierra Nevada - Ruthless Rye IPA – This beer had a red amber color to it.  The head was nice and white on top.  The rye adds an incredible complexity to any beer you drink.  It is almost peppery spice in every sip.  The hops add a nice fruity citrus kick comes from the hops used in this beer.  At 6.6% alcohol this was a nice beer.  It was wonderfully smooth medium bodied beer that I could enjoy over and over again.  I would really like to get my hands on a 6 pack of this before the dog days of summer come in and really get a bit to warm for me for this beer.  It wasn’t quite as “refreshing” as some other beers out there but in general was a wonderfully smooth beer.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.  I'll be catching up on the next three soon - Yuengling Lager, Iron Hill Maibock and Philadelphia Brewing Kensinger Lager.  Stay tuned.

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