I almost feel like I should re-introduce myself.  I'm not even totally sure who I have been over the last few months.  Truth is my beer tasting and experimenting has been abysmal.  My name is Mike Edleblute and I drink Cheap Beer.  Ok, so if you read all my old blogs that is not a complete shocker.  I never really labeled myself as a 'beer snob'.  My last post was February and I see I talked about 4 posts a month this year.  Well, that obviously has not happened.  I remember when I started this blog I was wide eyed and excited about all the beer world had to offer.  And it had a lot to offer.  I got started at a brew on premise brewery which was a lot of fun.  Met a lot of people, drank truly exciting beers from exciting locations.  In the process of drinking those beers I learned things about the regions/stories/history that went in to making each and every ounce of those beers.  After all, that was sort of my point of the site to begin with - You can't think about beer with out having numerous stories.  Jimmy Buffett has a song entitled "All the stories we could tell"... thinking about the stories you can tell - how many of them have some level of brew involved in them:
  1.  so there we were, Jim just opened the second case of 
  2. well Johnny had to be on his 7th or 8th beer and before you know it
  3. This one time we were camping and ran out of beer
  4. So we were out fishing one night... and Sam showed up with a case of Dogfish Head

Anyway, you get my point - beers are to stories as pages are to books.  Well, I've done my fair share of drinking over the last few months.  I got to visit Dogfish Head brewery finally.  We took a family trip to Ocean City Maryland in July for a few days.  On the way back from the beach to my parents we made it a point to stop in for a late lunch early dinner.  I gotta say, the comments online were not very flattering to the brewery so I was nervous.  I went there for the beer, food, and ambiance; 1 of 3 isn't bad right?  HA, the beer was awesome, as I knew it would be.  Unfortunately, my wife and I did not think super highly of the food that we ordered.  It was OK, but sort of held true to my own opinion/theory "A brewery can have GREAT FOOD or GREAT BEER but hardly ever has both".  And sadly, I didn't think the wait staff / or employees were all that exciting and fun either.  They were not rude, but I guess I see Dogfish Head with a certain personality; I assume (ass out of u and me) that all its employees would have that same kind of personality.  Maybe we were just there on an off day?  Who knows... either way - I think I would have a slightly different opinion if:
  1. I was staying over night
  2. I could enjoy the bar/restaurant a bit longer then just 45 min to an hour we were passing through
  3. didn't have the kids with me so I could unwind and enjoy

Also, I have to give a shout out to SHORE BILLY Beers down in OC MD on the boardwalk.  This place was pretty cool.  We stopped in for a sampler of their beers and catch a little shade.  I'm not even sure if we ate at this place or not - mainly just had a few beverages.  The sampler came out on an old plastic skateboard which touched on my inner child a bit.  I have to say - if I were younger, would be hanging in OC more often and not have kids - I think I could spend a lot of time at this place.  Hell, if my kids were a little older and we were going to be spending more time down in OC I would be here more often.  Hell - the family may be getting a place in OC MD next year for the week and I will be coming back to this place.  Anytime I can sit in/at a brewery and be on the beach and have the ocean/waves/water as a back drop... this is an all time favorite for me.  And this place has those things.  Nice Job Shore Billy - congrats on opening and best of wishes!

Lets see, I think I rambled enough for this post.  I have to have something to motivate me to come back tomorrow or next week to write.  And I just thought of something.  I realized in my last post I had talked about brewing my Irish Red again, I didn't mention how that turned out.  I bet you are all waiting with baited breath to hear.  Well there will be more about that in the next installment; Along with that - I'll be talking about my first 2 experiment batches with ALL GRAIN Brewing.  I took the plunge.  No longer will I be brewing extract beers if I can help it.  Its all grain from here on out.  That was a goal and I have achieved it - now I must perfect the goal!

Well cheers to you all!  And I'd love to hear about any/all of your summer drinking story adventures - please comment back with any that you care/dare to share!
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