"Hey Jimmy, you know anybody in Miami that can get me a passport
real quick?"
Really did you just ask who Jimmy is?  And why does he need someone in Miami?  Well, Jimmy is Jimmy Buffett.  The quote comes from "Everybody has a cousin in Miami".  I have had a cousin in Miami for, well since I married my wife - cousin-in-law I guess!  Anyway, though I don't like Miami persay my relative-in-laws that live there treat me like family myself.  And I love visiting them.  This weekend, my cousin is visiting us!  Yay!  So far we are haing a great time, with snow on the ground and cold in the air my cousins friend is LOVING IT ALL while my c-i-l is wanting the warmth of the south!

Why do I start with the quote?  Not just because my c-i-l is visitin from Maimi... NO!  I had so much fun playing 6 degrees yesterday I thought I'd do it again today.  So, Miami... what is just a we bit north of Miami? A 'quaint' little town called Ft Lauderdale!  And what is in Ft L?  I little restaurant called Primanti's!   Well 3 of them actually!  Where is the original Primanti's from?  Oh yea, Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh is home of the 6 time Super Bowl Champions Pittsburgh Steelers.  And what do the fans of the Steelers drink?  Iron City!!  Yes, so in the last 6 days I've drank two different Iron City Brews.  Today happens to be an Iron City Light.  This is going to be a small blog for a reason - Iron City Light has a very specific purpose in life.  It is - in my opinion primarily used to washed down Primanti San-miches!  Or large pepperoni pizzas from Belle Note at the strip.

Don't get me wrong - I don't hate the brew.  I don't like it either.  I'm not going to evaluate it for tase/color/mouth feel.  It isn't that kind of beer!  It is a mans man kind of beer!  It doesn't ask to be commented on.  It doesn't ask to be evaluated.  And I pay it respect by drinking it with out reviewing.  Basically, 'when in Rome, do as the Romans!" - when in Pittsburgh drink an Iron City.  Yes, there is better Pittsburgh Beer.  Yes, there is beer that tastes incredible to the point that I had our c-i-l's friend pick up a 6'r of Penn Dark in the fridge (this beer to be reviewed at another time).  So, don't be a beer snob.  Don't say MAN this beer sucks!  No, drink it and shut the hell up!  Its refreshing and cold!  Its awesome with some original Pittsburgh food; ie Primanti's samich, pierogies, or salad with french fries on it.  If/when you are in Pittsburgh have one - and don't judge!  Just drink!

'Everybody's got a cousin in Miami
(Everybody's got a cousin in Miami)

Everybody understands the impromptu
Dancing in the heat to the beat

That turns your clothing clammy (ooooohhhhh)
Everybody needs to have a
  dream come true'

The camera I had this trip was HORRIBLE! I remember this day much clearer then this fuzzy pic! But this is the Primanti's on the Atlantic Coast

William Balestino
01/14/2012 07:56

cool I will drink it if it,s free

01/17/2012 18:24

You're wrong, this beer does suck.


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