I have not lived in Pittsburgh all my life.  But next to my home town of Wrightsville, PA I've lived here longer then anywhere else.  I like it.  Its a no frills kind of a place.  This city loves its football.  And it is also an educated city on Beer.  The German population is strong and it shows if you go over towards the North Side of the city.  This beer is a tribute to the German heritage of this city.  It is a man's man kind of beer.  It is a working class beer.  Reviewing some info on line I found that this brewery was opened in 1861 by a German immigrant by the name of Edward Frauenheim.  It was one of the first breweries in the united states to produce a lager.

Iron City Brewery was formed and ran for almost 150 years in Lawarenceville until recently 2009 they moved the brewing to Latrobe PA.  It happens to be brewed in the same brewery as one time great Rolling Rock beer until they were sold and moved (BOO!).  Though, I can't find any redeeming quality to say about the taste/quality of this beer it as with many other "cheaper" beers serves a purpose.  The reason I got started on this venture was not to find the best/most expensive beer.  It was not to avoid any one style.  It was/is to experience beer in all its glory.  And in my opinion Iron City is a perfect example.  I can't go down to Strip District, to Belle Notte Pizzeria (check the link on urban spoon), or Primanti's with out ordering at least one of these on draft.  Its crisp and "fresh of the tap".  It is refreshing since most of the city that serves this brew takes pride and serves it super cold.  So, here's to you Iron City!  Thank you for coming back and thank you for continuing to brew a beer that is the "official beer of the Pittsburgh nation."

As I stated, drink this beer extremely cold.  As cold as you can find it without freezing.  Now, any one that enjoys a good brew understands that beer like wine all have their own temperatures to be enjoy at.  The reason for this is because you will find "hidden flavors" that come bursting out at different temps.  Its almost like the hops/yeast/barley all know as most of us do that when it is to cold... just stay in side.  Why do you think Coors and the Colorado Rockies beer has the color sensor on the outside to tell when it is super cold.  Its marketing of course.  Genius marketing if you ask me!  The colder you drink a brew the less of any imperfections you will find in any given brew.  Ever wonder why most people want to drink ICE COLD BEER.  Cause the #1 sellers in America are the big brews, the Millers, Coors, Bud beers that if drinking a single degree above 32 degrees starts tasting like the bottom of an ash tray.  Of course, of these beers - they all have their degree of badness.  BUT they all have their purpose as well.  On a hot summer day after mowing the grass, or digging a post hole for a fence post, or even a nice run on the trail - give me the refreshing taste of an ice cold brew.  After scrimmaging in the back yard football or making a triple double on the courts, nothing better then an ice cold Miller.

That said, in tribute of Pittsburgh Steelers starting another journey to the big dance, I chose Iron City.  Its crisp, fresh and local!  The hops do seem to pop out of this beer a bit more then the barley.  Many people say it is undrinkable, and an equal amount of people will ONLY DRINK IT.  If you are one of those beer snobs that REFUSE to drink certain beer that is fine.  To each their own.  I chose to embrace all beer equally!  And find a use for them all.

Thanks for reading - and LETS GO STEELERS!!  Lets beat them Broncos down!!

NOTE: My notes for this mostly came from wikipedia at this link.  Feel free to continue the research and review.


Marc Esher
01/10/2012 20:40

Love it: "a triple double on the courts". Who you playing, Mike? 8yo girls!?

And now, for the first time in perhaps 20 years, I actually want to drink an IC.


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