An idea could be the best idea in the world but with out action it is merely some neurons firing in a brain.  It is only when the action comes and the risk made that an idea becomes real.  So, here is the my action.  I am putting this to action and making this real.  My plan is to officially launch this site Jan 1 2011.  I am currently working on a way to list the beers.
I do not plan on being a site that "ranks beers" though I may have a ranking system.  I do not plan on being a site that promotes one beer over another though I will have favorites.  This site is a personal challenge I am putting on myself.  I am challenging myself to dissect beers and really know the ingredients.  I am a home brewer and I know what goes into a good beer - but my tastes of a chinook versus cascade hop, the difference between a porter and a stout, the various yeast strands out there; these are all things I want to have a better appreciation.  Sure I could sign up for a class (and I may), I could challenge myself to become a tasting judge (this is also a possibility) - I am deciding to do it the old fashion way.
I will drink through the beers that I can find on my travels, at home and on vacation.  I will drink a beer a day for 365.  I will list those beers out and speak about the experience.  This may mean I will actually describe the flavor and texture.  I may speak of the company I held while drinking the beer.  Or the location that the beer was drank.  I will attempt to read from specific sites a bit about the beer and style and ingredients.  By the end of 2012 I hope to increase my knowledge of beer to a more professional level.  Though I have drank way more then 365 different beers in a year - I have not educated myself on each.

Please leave you thoughts comments and suggestions for beers to try on the Contact Me page and I will do my best to respond to my followers.  Thank you for following and watch for the FIRST BEER sampling on January 1 2012.

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