Ah, the "one that got away!"  We all have the story right, even if it isn't in fishing or hunting;  sadly, I have one for both Fishing ( a HUGE walleye on the Suquehanna River that I never got all the way to the boat) and hunting that perfect 6 point that I hit in the ass - it ran the direction it came in from and BANG another hunter took it down.  Some of us, have the beautiful blonde, or the race we ALMOST one, that basketball game we should have won.  I'm not sure where I'm going with this - but this beer is all about Fish Tales.  And quite frankly, I'd rather be fishing!  I stated yesterday I'd rather be brewing.  And that statement still holds true as well.  If I can find a way to turn my brewing craft/love/desire into an income I think I'd be a happy man!  Then I could really make computers a hobby and honestly I think this would be the perfect fit for me.  It isn't out of the question and I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for that perfect opportunity.  When I am ready, and the opportunity is ready - we will come together and I will NOT let that one get away!

This beer is loud and proud about the fact that it is Certified Organic - says so right at the top of the bottle.  At the bottom it talks about Ingredients: Water, Organic Barley and Hops.  What about the Yeast?  That is the 4th ingredient dontcha know?  I'm going to call it right out the gate, this beer tastes like it would be AWESOME with a big hunk of Cedar Planked Salmon on the grill.  The crisp citrus cut that the hops have on this glass would complement a nice Salmon steak well in my opinion.  Honestly, I'm starting to salivate over this combination at 10:25 pm with no easy way to get that grilled salmon.  And sadly, most often then not I try salmon and am not hugely impressed.  But I've never at a huge steak of salmon with this beer; and that could make all the difference!  It is a nice medium bodied beer in the glass.  It has a very none filtered look to the glass which makes it a bit more intriguing.  The head retention is a bit low on this glass but the carbonation in the sip is actually very nice and bursty.  The aroma is a very citrusy lemon kick out of the glass.  In general a really nice beer.  I'm going to have to look for this one again out and about - or next time I'm in Florida where I believe this beer was brought from.  It is actually from Olympia, WA.  In general, a really nice drinkable IPA.  Well done Fish Brewing Company!  Go out and find this beer - don't let this one be the one that gets away.

So, here it is Tuesday night - I'm taking a long 4 day weekend and it can't get here soon enough.  Two more days of computer programming this week makes 365 Beers something something something something!

Thanks for reading and please come back!


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