I don't have much to say about last night.  It was Monday.  And work was work.  Actually work was quiet because it was President's Day.  I guess that is something I could have wrote about here.  But I'm not all that political of a guy.  I remember one time in my school years having to memorize all the President's in order.  There is a skill I haven't seem to need since I've graduated and entered my professional career.  I guess I may have the chance to jump on some game show some day in my life and have a chance to win $1 Million and that will be the question that I'll loose on.  That would be a sad day.  But I could see it happening.

That said, I don't even have a way to "tie this beer" to Monday, or President's day or anything.  Sadly, the Heineken Site suggests this Tarwebok Beer to be drank in Autumn.  As a result, I may not be buying my beers from this distributor any longer.  I'm not sure if this is correct but there is a really crazy date system with Heineken and the number on my bottle is 1189528r1014.  I googled this and if I'm doing the math right this bottle was brewed on Aug 8 or 9 of 2011.  Now, this is a dark wheat and some answers.yahoo.com page stated that the drink by would be 9 months past that.  If I'm "still doing my math right" that means this beer should technically still have been good?  Either way, that was a lot of math and a lot of calculating and work to place on the consumer if you ask me.  When I own my BREWERY my beer names will be "DRINK ON MM/DD/YYYY" for every beer!  You will not have to guess, play games, you will just know.

Now, that said above I guess this beer was still "good".  I wasn't a huge fan of it but actually the more I drank it last night the more I started to enjoy it actually.  It is a traditional wheat bock beer.  The beer pours a nice crystal clear glass of brown beer.  The beer has a bit of light dirty white head to it.  I got a bit of fruity smell from the nose and definitely smelled the wheat/malt smell coming from the glass.  I was reviewing my notes from last night and even still today I'm confused if I liked it.  There was a huge amount of honey burnt caramel taste to the brew.  I almost think that I'm drinking this beer the wrong time of year and/or wrong occasion with the wrong food pairing.  As I listened to my notes I was stating how this was definitely an interesting and complex beer.  It had some spicy notes to it and came across as sort of a scotch or bourbon type beverage.  The carbonation was not extremely huge.  It was a medium body with that honey like texture to the drink.  In general I didn't care for this one but I think it was one that could probably grow on my if I gave it a chance.  Just not sure I will give it a chance.  To many other good beers out there that I do like.

Thanks for listening.  On to Fat Tuesday's post!


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