I am not worthy!  As I sit here starting my blog to catch me up on last night and tonight I'm still dumb founded by last nights Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week Event I had the honor of attending.  I can't thank Greg, Brian and Jeff over at Copper Kettle enough for giving me this opportunity to learn more about the beer industry and experience such wonderful events.  Its almost not fair!  It really is a great opportunity.  Last night's event was a night to not forget for me.  I really had no expectations (or to be completely honest low expectations) on what was going to be happening.  I really couldn't have imagined such a wonderfully execute and professionally laid back event as it was at Copper Kettle and Hough's Bar.  They with the help of Samuel Adam's Brewery put on a Grade A Top Notch event.  Thank you for offering out the invite.
I had the unique pleasure of sipping a few beers with a truly great professional and incredibly down to earth fun guy.  He really seems to love what he does and seems truly blessed to be in the position he is today.  And why not?  Its a great job as he said, getting to make beer, drink beer, talk beer, and hang out with fun great people all over there world.  Its been a great ride.  In his words, he started Sam Adams on a 3 day temp position for some computer work; he finished the work in just a few hours and turned in his time card stating he wouldn't need to come back.  They stopped him, handed him a six pack; told him to drink this tonight and come back tomorrow - they would find him more work.  He's been going back to work every since.  He talked the magic of water and minerals.  He discussed the magic of hops and the difference between them.  He explained the rub process and what specifically they are looking in from batch to batch from each farm they get their products.  He talked about family life, he talked about hockey, and he talked beer.  I even got a high five from him at the end of the Bruins / Caps Game where Bruins beat the Caps in OT.  He was there to discuss 6 of Sam Adams multiple beers, but after that win decided he was in a good enough mood he did 3 more for everyone to enjoy.  The beers are fantastic, the people in the event were in great spirits and from my view it seemed like everyone had a great time.  My hats off to Sam Adams, Bob Cannon and everyone involved in putting that night together it was an experience that I will not quickly forget.  It was/is an inspiration to me.  And gave me an all new appreciation for their beers and the company!

As I sit here in a funk/fight with my own life and mortality.  I'm "exactly" what I wanted to be when I grew up.  But am I really grown up yet?  And should I stop with where I'm at?  Because, as they always say - be careful what you ask for you just may get it.  I'm now where I wanted to be and not very happy with the decision.  I am thankful for the job and the pay.  And I'm thankful I work with a great group of people.  But, I hear people say if you go to work day and are not happy and excited to be there.  Find something else!  Find what makes you happy.  This life and career in beer seems to be what makes me happiest.  I'm still working for that perfect fit that I'll find.  And with Bob Cannon's inspiration I hope I work closer to that process.

So, as for the beers, I had about 4 different beers last night - and quite frankly it is hard for me to decide which beer to choose.  I'm going with the beer that was in my glass at the time of the picture was taken above.  That beer was Sam Adams New World Tripel.  It was incredible.  The fact that it was pouring from the tap made it all the better.  A perfect pour of golden goodness; slightly cloudy through the glass.  A malty master piece of sweetness in the glass with nice hints of Saaz hops through out.  I definitely cheated don the Hops (and checked the website for that note).  But you do get a nice gentle hop note throughout.  It was complex and medium bodied with spicey fruity notes through out.  It was a great beer to drink on a great night.  I will be going back for more of these beers in the near future.

And to correct a comment I made a few days/weeks back; Sam Adams does make GREAT BEER.  I think my comment had been before that there was nothing crazy, special and amazing about their beers.  But in general they are all just very good and solid beers.  I retract said statement of the past and will start talking more and more about their specialty beers that you can't get in their variety cases.  I've only really sampled those beers.  The variety beers not the specialties.   I will definitely be on the look out for the specialties they bring more often.  Thanks again for a great night Sam Adams and Bob Cannon.


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