Saturday was fairly a uneventful sort of day; work up (rough), eased into the day, was on call so couldn't get into to much trouble.  Basically, we went out for lunch with the family and relaxed.  Andrea wanted to work on some Wine Cupcakes with a friend coming over so we set up the afternoon to hang out with good friends that we do not hang out with enough these days.  The kids hung out down stairs while we the parents hung out upstairs watching my wife making cupcakes.  We had a good time.

I chose this beer because I actually attempted to brew a knock off of it a few weeks back.  I just kegged it and wanted to see how I did.  Well, the keg is giving me some trouble and the carbonation is not working as I would like so I couldn't really compare the two this weekend but I plan on saving a bottle of the original to hopefully be able to compare once the keg settles down.  I have heard of this beer in the past but really knew little about it.  Interesting enough, the beer has a decent amount of information online.  It is brewed by Greene King in Bury St Edmunds, England.  This beer and brewery has a long history.  The site tells about how this beer is actually made specifically for the 50th anniversary of MG car factory in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.  I actually have a friend that had (if I'm not mistaken it is still in his possession) an MG.  It was a great looking car and I know it was one of his pride and joys!  This beer even has a site for the beer itself HERE.

This beer pours a nice amber tint in the glass.  The head is nice and white and sticks nicely to the glass.  The aroma is huge.  This beer has a big nose.  It is a really nice smell to it.  Very fruity smell almost like one of those R/C sodas or something that was just a little "different" then you were used to with your Pepsi or your Coke.  You place the glass to your mouth and the nose is your first hint this is going to be a bit different then what you are used to.  The taste follows suite, it is a nice texture in your mouth.  It is silky and proper.  It has a bit of a spicey kick to the beer in your mouth.  I get a bit of cherry fruitiness in the glass but then there seems like a dry finish that is almost a little peppery.  The dry finish makes you want to come back for the second and third sip.  It such a prim and proper beer as would be expected from the English.  I just hope my home brew comes out half as fine as this brilliant beverage.  I do have to say though at a lower percent alcohol I do not feel this would be a great session beer.  There is to many unique flavors and characteristics flowing through this entire beer!  This beer is meant to be drank slowly and every sip to be savored.  Enjoy this one and let me know what you think.


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