So, tonight I decided to begin a new chapter in my life.  I can't really give great detail in it now.  Suffice to say it is a journey that leaves me a bit nervous.  It puts new pressures on my family that I'm an unsure of what the future holds.  I think about it now and I have a bit of calming over me.  Though, I know that calming feeling will only last for a short period of time.  The butterflies in my stomach are not unlike those you get from your first day heading to school, or maybe the decision you have to make on which college to attend, or maybe like those interviews you've been on, or the first day of a new job.  I think it is the necessary thing to do.  I also think we'll be OK with this decision.  At this point, only time will tell my outcomes.  I also sit here and think if you always do what you've always done then you'll always get what you've always got.  So, that said, bring it on world... what do you have to throw at me.  I'm here and I'm ready!  Oh yea... and girls beach volleyball in Olympics is on now.  I must go relax.  Here are my beers of the blog:
7/21/2012 – Lonerider Brewing Company – Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen – Grade 4.25
“Ales for Outlaws” – My nose was totally closed up the night I had this but I got a hint of banana and cloves.  My wife did not in fact like the smell of this one actually.  It was a nice medium body wheat liquid.  This beer is brewed in a German Hefeweizen style.  It had a very unfiltered almost fluorescent yellow color in the glass.  There were nice amounts of carbonation and bubbles flowing through out.  It had an almost orange sickle cream taste to it.  It had strong fruity esters of cherry and banana throughout the beer.  I wish I had bought more of these to bring home with me.  I enjoyed drinking this one all night.  Check out the BJCP’s description of the German Hefeweizen and see if what I described came close?  This was the day we finally got home from our 3800 mile journey; several states, multiple beds; more beers then I care to count – was very glad to get home and get some sleep in my own bed this night for sure.

7/22/2012 – Lonerider Brewing Company – Sweet Josie Brown Ale – Grade 3.5
This beer weighted in at 6.1% alcohol.  It contained a nice malty medium body beer with a light roasty goodness on the back of the tongue.  There was a nice thin layer of thick light brown head that laid on top of the beer in the glass.  My first taste impression contained a bit of bitter hop bite.  It finished very chocolatey crisp coffee dryness in the back of my mouth.  This brewery hales from Raleigh, NC.  On one of my next trips down there for work I hope to try to find this brewery.  The labels have different Cowboy and Cowgirl type outlaws on the bottle.  The motto from the website states Ales for Outlaws.  The two beers that I happened to bring back with me had female outlaws on them which was even more interesting.  I really did like these beers and would love to check out the brewery.

Anchor Brewing Company - Liberty Ale - Grade 4
I have always liked Anchor Brewing.  They always have the slightly off bottles with more of a tear shape bottle.  The beer had a nice white head on top of the beer.  It wasn't large and robust but just nice and clean.  Definitely got a west coast hoppy smell coming from the glass.  It was floral and citrusy and much more like a West Coast Hopped beer.  I'm not saying it was super hoppy but definitely had those characteristics.  It was a very strong malty alcohol balance to even out the hops for sure.  The beer had a very nice carbonation to the beer.  I believe this beer would really be enjoyable with a nice meaty steak.  Or maybe a really meaty fish.  It is nice and enjoyable.  Not something I would drink often myself but in the right situation and right place it was very good.  It would definitely be an enjoyable beverage to enjoy at a nice meal to replace a fine wine for sure.  The bottle had a nice little quote on the side that spoke of Anchors unique style and brewing techniques.  It spoke of being dry hopped and classic ale.  It states that it is "uncommonly delicate and unique carbonation".  This beer made to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of Paul Revere's ride.  It made in April of 1975 for the 200th anniversary of the ride.  Very nice tribute if you ask me.


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Great beer and very good brewery !


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