Thursday night I drank Flying Dog.  I did not find any thing really "special" about this beer to speak of.  It was a solid drink.  The pour as you can see left a nice head n the glass.  I couldn't find any great notes in the smell.  It smelled like any other normal lager out here.  It was a nice balanced and easy drinking beer.  I could probably sit and drink a few of these easily.  I do not find myself drinking Flying Dogs often but have decided that I like there beers.  If you see this one out there and enjoy lagers this is a good one.  One fun thing about this brewery is their labels.  Have a read while enjoying the beer.

There really wasn't anything special going on for this beer.  I was preparing myself for the big day out at the second largest St Pattrick's Day parade in the country.  My friends were coming in from out of town and we would be hanging out drinking green beer and meeting fun new friends from all over.  Thursday was a bit mellow so there really isn't much to be said about this.


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