On location for the first beer in 2012, I enjoyed this beer at the Pine in Kennedy Township.  A nice little place that has been making great strides in upgrades and enhancements.  When I first moved to Kennedy, this place was at best a dive bar that my father-in-law and I tried to go in one time.  It was to smokey and sort of dirty the way I remember.  Of course, I'm sure the locals that have been here for ever may have loved it.  Then just in the last few years the bar has gone under new ownership.  They closed it down revamped it and moved the bar to the other side of the establishment.  They setup a nice out side area that is open air in the summer and closed in with heat in the winter (nice touch).  The restaurant is separated from the bar ( originally I think this was to allow the bar goers a chance to smoke their cigs - BOO ).  Now it is a smoke free establishment and the smokers need to go outside ( YAY!)

One other thought before I get to the beer.  There is some sort of serenity or calmness going into a bar alone in the middle of the day.  It usually isn't that crowded.  You can usually pop right up to the bar.  The bar tenders tend to be a bit more social since they are not crazy busy chasing down orders.  I know some people would seem appalled by the idea.  Some may even think that people that do this have "problems".  Well, I'm sure some do.  And some, maybe many like me are trying to get 30-45 minutes of solitude inside their own mind to relax and enjoy the taste of a cold fresh brew.  I don't make this a common occurrence since family (especially children) I get even less time to accomplish this task.  But I will tell you - there is nothing like bellying up to a bar with no obligations to talk to anyone.  If the mood strikes you and there is a conversation worth engaging... have at it - no telling where the morning/day/night may take you!  Ok, enough about that - I just thought that it was worth mentioning 45 minutes alone at a bar relaxed with a beer is sometimes better then most any pampering that you may throw my way.

Now on to the brew; so, Dogfish Head hasn't made a beer I haven't liked.  That being said, not every beer that comes from their shop can be hit out of the park!  This beer at 5.2 % is one that I feel falls short.  OK, hold on - before I get hung on a cross - its good!  I mean it has a small bit of  'woody/toasty' taste to it.  But for calling itself Chicory one would think your fingers and hand would get sticky just from holding the glass because of the sap from the tree.  Not so in this brew.  It is a mild mannered stout for the most part.  Has a sort of dryness to it that I feel is a typical stout quality.  Over all I have nothing exceptionally exciting to say about this beer.  There was no special hop notes for me to speak of, or huge malty goodness.  The texture on the tongue was surprising light.  That was definitely a nice quality to the brew.  All told, it is a good well mannered, well balanced brew.  Nothing to write home about (but I will write this blog about it); and surely nothing to shatter the world.

All that said, I'm a huge fan of Dogfish because of the BIGNESS of each of their brews.  You can't find a "lite" beer on their menu.  From what I can see and tell they don't do "regular" on their menu.  That said, all their brews are not going to pour out of the tap and smack you in the head to say it is there.  They make great beer.  So, when I say this beer is average - it sounds harsh but in reality it is average/standard/regular for Dogfish.  It is still exceptional in the midst of most brews I drink.  So, if you are surprised to see the 3.5 star rating its because it was still really a clean crisp beer.  I would definitely drink it again and again and again.  Thank you Dogfish for your dedication to making everything you do GOOD!


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