So, here it is day 4.  Welcome to the world of Delirium.  I think this was one of the first beers that turned me on to import/specialty/better beer.  Call it what you will.  I remember the year OH SO well, it was 2001, or 2002.  My wife and I were at this Mexican, or Chinese restaurant in Pittsburgh - or was it a small pub in Belgium.  Oh, the truth is, those details are of little importance to the fact that Kasteel and Delirium were ordered and drank!  They were the be all to end all.  From that moment forward I vowed to myself that I will not drink anything that wasn't from Belgium itself.  They make the BEST BEER!

OK, OK, that was years ago and I've come to realize, yes they make awesome beer; really really really good beer.  But to call it the best, well I would have to be from there.  And even at that, the argument would be tough to hold when you look at Germany with the Reinheitsgebot (one day, I'll learn to pronounce and spell that with out looking it up), and not to mention all the endless number of home brewers, nano-breweries, micro-breweries, and macro-breweries in the good ol'US of A!  Anyway, I'm not trying to say any one location produces the BEST BEER in the world; or maybe I'm saying they all do.  In fact, that is why I started this blog there truly is to many brews ( styles, formulas, techniques, ingredients) on this planet to name a location the best beer maker.

Enough about that though, this beer is GOOD!  It pours a very red'sh tint.  I want to call it a dirty red head and I think I just may!  It sort of treats you that way also at the 10% alcohol per volume.  In my mind, this is spicier then the Devil's sister if he had one!  Its feisty in your mouth with hints of caramel, a small bitterness bite and even an ever so tiny hint of a clean woody smoke.  I think I can find some coriander hints floating around in the taste.  But what bites you or pokes you in the ass with the tusks of the little pink elephant on the bottle is that alcohol bite!  Its warm.  Its smooth.  With this level of naughty I doubt it received many presents under its tree.  Anyway, the head that comes to the top was strong and almost eerily a clean white.  It definitely leaves you wanting for more like most red-heads I've met in my past...

I have a second one of these in the basement and I'm debating; should I age it till next Christmas or should I drink it before we get to far from it?  You be the judge and chime in on my FaceBook page or as a comment on this page.  What should I do with my second bottle?


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