Not here to discuss beers exactly at this moment; here I sit at 11:30pm on a Sunday night.  Monday morning staring me in the face after a long nice weekend away from my work computer.  I start to remember and think about the things that are waiting my return; paper work, projects, power points, bugs, customers, tickets, ect.  You know it, and it is just waiting for my return.  I unfortunately, am not really interested in being there.  This weekend was my first "official" run in the business of Beer.  I actually got my first run and I think I did pretty good.  I have a lot to learn - and Brian the head brewer at Copper Kettle Brewing definitely seems to have a lot to teach.  Greg, the owner/operator of the place, is a great guy and also very knowledgeable about good beer.  The brewery is attached to a nice little sports/beer bar in Greenfield, PA.  If you get a chance - swing by to check us out.  I'm planning on working very part time on Saturday's and some Sundays.  From the business I saw yesterday, Brian and Greg were definitely in need of some help.

As far as my history, I've been home brewing off and on for about 6 years.  I've made a good amount of beers with a decent amount of accuracy.  I've only had 2 or 3 beers I've brewed that I really didn't like.  I've had 2-3 that I can remember to this day.  And the rest fall somewhere in between.  In general, I really enjoy the craft.  I really want to dive into the business side of it and see if I possibly have what it takes to make this dream a reality or not.  Luckily, this opportunity Copper Kettle has provided me is a great chance at this.

So, my first day was yesterday and it was a long one.  I worked with a great group of customers all day.  I assisted in brewing anywhere from about 120-150 gallons of great tasting beer.  The basics concept is a shop that allows people of all levels of brewing experience (from none to brewed multiple batches) to come in, pick a recipe, and learn all the steps from A to Z on brewing a good healthy yummy beer of their choice.  We provide all the ingredients and equipment needed for you to have a great time and produce a wonderful product.  I worked with couples, coworkers, family members, there were all types of people that came in.  There were even a few people that were in from out of town.  I was on my feet for about 7 hours, little to eat, and little to eat and over whelmed with all the knowledge being thrown at me - but either way, I had a GREAT TIME.  I can't wait for my next day which will be this coming Saturday.  It is a complete education.  And you really have a great time.  I hope my own schedule permits me to stay with this and continue to learn and grow.

If you are in the Pittsburgh Area (or coming for a visit) please, call and schedule an appointment and work with us to brew a great tasting beer!  You will not be disappointed.  We keep it fun yet informative.  And basically just have a good day meeting new people all day long.

Hope you can stop by and set up an appointment.  Message me if you have any questions.  Or check out this article from the Post Gazette for more information.

Again, thanks for reading.

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