Sitting in my 2nd or is it my 3rd office now?  I'm not sure, either way, just trying to finish up and catch up on a few brews.  I've drank some GREAT beers in the past 3.5 months!  I'm a lucky guy to have an incredible wife that understands my obsession with beer.  I'm a lucky guy that has a wife that allows me to pursue my passion while brewing part time on the weekend and learning all I can learn.  Thank you baby for all you let me do.  I know that I work my ass off doing my "full time job" but we decided as a family that this part time Copper Kettle thing was a great idea for now.  I'm loving it so far and pulling in a few extra dollars while I'm doing it.  I just hope I can keep it going.  I'm learning more and more about beer and brewing in 2012 and I'm excited about all of it.

This beer tonight I know I've seen before.  I'm not even sure if I haven't drank it before.  It is Xingu Black Beer.  This is an incredible "specialty beer" - with origins of recipe from 1500's in the Amazon territory.  It is an incredibly explosive beer of dark malts.  Dry Roasty goodness comes in every sip.  It is a medium to heavy bodied beer with light accentuation on the hops.  There is definitely some hop characteristics kicking up that give it a nice floral bite to it.  They really attempt to lighten that dry roast as best it can but honestly that is my best description of this beer.  It pours dark deep red black with a nice head covering.  The head gives way to the beer.  There is definitely a fruity dark black cherry smell in the glass that makes it a more enjoyable beer as well.  In general this was a great beer.  Not sure if this came from my family in Miami or my wife?  Either way, it was enjoyed immensely!  Thank you for your contributions!

I do think it is time for bed.  Have to wake up 'early' tomorrow and get the house ready for another showing.  Also have to work.  It is late and I did not expect to stay up quite this late.  But it is worth it to catch up on my blog for all my loyal followers!  Thanks for reading!!  Please stop back to enjoy again soon!