I am paying tribute to the St Patty Day Boys that come in from out of town to party every year.  One of them brought me a few beers to use for my blog from Virginia area which is wonderful.  I can't thank you Aaron enough for this little care package of mine.  I decided to go with the Belgium Blonde tonight.  It has nothing to do with Irish and/or St Patrick's Day except that it was brought by one of my buddies that comes out to enjoy the weekend in Pittsburgh.

I pour this beer and notice immediately the very unfiltered bottle of beer.  I start seeing and smelling the yeastiness of the beer.  This is something that I like in Belgian Brews.  The smell is nice and sweet smelling in the glass.  I get a bit of fruity esters coming up from the glass.  My initial impression of the first few sips were YIKES.  I'm not sure I'm going to like this beer.  I started drinking it probably about 5 -10 degrees colder then it should have been.  I think this was the initial problem.  Since this is a larger bottle and I'm mostly drinking it myself it has had a chance to warm up.  As it warms the yeasty esters start to shine through.  It starts giving some light hints of banana.  I get some light hits of acidic kick to it.  I'm thinking like a lemony and grapefruit esters burst through.  The malty goodness is there to support the yeast.  Its hard for me to decipher the yeasts spicyness to a hop spice.  I'm sure they are both there and present but they both work so well together that you don't even care to think about it.  All told I would say this is a great beer.  The texture is nice and the yeast flavors burst.  That told I don't think this is a style for everyone.  I can definitely understand some that would not enjoy this beer.  Nice job Hardwood!  Keep up the great brewing.

Here I sit, Sunday night after a LONG St Patty's Day weekend journey.  I'm exhausted.  I got to go out and enjoy my weekend yesterday.  Today we spent the morning PREP'ing the house for an open house.  This even I spent my night fighting with my 6 year old (and when not fighting with her - I found myself fighting with the 3 year old).  It was a challenging evening.  It makes me think what I'm doing as a father.  I like to believe I'm a good father.  I know people tell me I'm a good father but its trying nights like tonight that make me wonder.  I guess it is the growing pains of all.  Until tomorrow - lets hope TOMORROW is a better day.  I also believe tomorrow is St Joseph Day; so I'm praying and hoping and asking anyone and everyone reading this to pray with me to St Joseph (and or whoever else you feel good with) to bring us an offer.  We hoping that all the planets will align and it will happen.  Enjoy the night everyone and the wonderful weather!  Until tomorrow.