I poured this beer into a snifter style glass and watched as it settled.  As I stare at this beer in the glass I see bright yellow clear liquid.  If you examine it really close you can see the very tiny bubbles that makes this beer so fizzy.  As this beer hits your tongue you can tell with in seconds it is special.  This beer explodes with flavor right from the start.  I get a very over whelming hit of green apple.  It has a very acidic bang to the mouth.  It is a very light and clean taste.  If  I didn't know any better I would call this a cider.  There is almost a bit of vinegar smell to this glass of bubbly.  I get a hint of the aged oak that the bottle talks about being aged for 20 months but I think I would prefer a bit more oak.  I really think it is a very nicely balanced beverage.  I'm not sure I could sit down and drink many of these.  It is a bit sweet and the sour kick in the after taste makes you feel a bit parched.  Over all I'm extremely happy with this beer.

I really wasn't sure what to expect from this one.  I' have been seeing a lot of articles out there talking about sour beers.  I didn't know what to expect honestly.  I had hoped for something similar to what is in this bottle of Petrus.  Its so completely different then anything I've been drinking recently it is a welcome change.  The 7.3% alcohol makes this a nice beer two drink right after a nice dinner to sort of cleanse the palate.

Ok, so that is all I have - I'm looking forward to the second two Sour Beers I bought.  If they are half as good as this one I'm going to be a very happy blogger.  Have a great night and I'll catch you tomorrow.