Obolon's mission statement is a pretty cool: We work every day to be first and not to leave thirsty ones on the planet.  They definitely didn't leave me thirst Thursday night.  This was one of the beers my beautiful wife brought home from her night out with the Pittsburgh Beer Ladies.  She had a great time and met some great people.  I really benefited from her trip cause she brought me home four new beers to try.  Thanks babe!

This is a Ukrainian Lager.  This beer poured a nice bright yellow and very clear.  There is not a great head on the glass ( the picture shows a nice head on pour but it dissipated quickly).  But the carbonation is nice and bubbly through out the entire glass.  It definitely has that bitter lager like taste to it.  I think in this Journey I've found that I am not as much of a lager guy as I once thought I was.  They just have a bite/taste/characteristic that I do not care for.  But this one was pleasant to drink.  It was was probably served at a "warmer" temp then I normally drink my beers.  That said, it was probably served at a better temperature.  I did get a nice creamy finish to this beer.  Over all not my favorite beer on the list but definitely a much better lager then I'm used to drinking.

I drank this while sitting admiring all the different brews that my father in law brought up from Florida.  I saw a few of them before; even 2-3 that I think we can find in PA.  But mostly, there were beers I hadn't really heard of before; many were imports, with one being from Nicaragua I believe.  These beers were funded by Uncle Wayne of Miami and Billy Bags!  Thanks guys for keeping my journey possible.  I will be happily reviewing these beers over the next few weeks.