Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der gemütlichkeit
Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der gemütlichkeit
Eins, zwei, Drei gesoffe!
Zick! zacke! zicke! zacke! hoi! hoi! hoi!
Zicke! zacke! zicke! zacke! hoi! hoi! hoi!

I’ve  never been to the original Oktoberfest but it is on my bucket list.  A slightly more affordable option for me would be the Hofbrauhaus in Pittsburgh PA.  This is the real deal.  It is a branch of the original brewery over in Germany.  There is only 3 of these in the states.  Cincinnati was first in 2003; followed by Las Vegas in 2004. What do these 3 cities have in common?  Their German heritage/population. The original brewery started back in 1589 in Munich Germany.  It has been brewing to the German law of beer ever since.

Walking up to this place my first impression is wow.  There are multiple brew kettles lined up outside all labeled with their signature beers.  There are picnic tables and some tent areas that sit there awaiting the warmth of the sun on a hot summer day.  Entering the establishment almost time warps you to a simpler era.  And if it doesn’t time warp you it most definitely transports you to a small German village where everyone is jolly and inviting.  The tables in the main
dining/bar area are solid. The benches weigh a ton.  This is because if the mood happens to strike or the liters go down a little too quick and you find yourself having an irresistible urge of doing the chicken dance – why not do it on the table for one and all to enjoy!

I ordered the Bergbock; a maibock style brew.  This is a semi-sweet brew.  I got some hints of a spicy hop bite.  The beer had a slightly dry finish to it.  I take it this dryness came from the 6%+ alcohol content in the brew.  I could only order it by the .5 Liter so I of course ordered two!  The drinking vessel it is served in was very sturdy glass stein that builds the character of the beer and the brewery even higher.  Over all the beer was good.  I haven't found a beer there I didn't like.