I've gone back and made a correction to my home brew score.  I gave it a 3.25 because I "liked the taste".  But after pouring another glass tonight and sampling - I don't think it is very "Irish Red" like, its a bit to dark.  So because of that I had to lower the score.  I gave it a 2.5 - I'm not rating it on the beer itself but mostly if I liked the taste - which I did like the taste but I figured the fact that it wasn't really an Irish Red I guess it should have a few points taken away.  OK, now that I got that off my chest...

Next, boy have I been tired the last week and a half.  I don't know if I haven't caught up on my sleep from last Monday/Tuesday?  I don't know if it is cabin fever kicking in?  I don't know if it is the lack of getting out and seeing the sun?  I don't know if it is the lack of working out (saying that makes me laugh - the lack of... I haven't worked out for like 3-4 months - that sucks).  I have to make some changes.  I think my issues may be all of these things combined.  There has also been some SICK running through the house.  As I sit here and type these they all sound like excuses.  And maybe they are... I have to find the motivation to get myself moving and energized again!

Enough of the excuses - time for the beer - Harpoon - Chocolate Stout.  In general, I like Harpoon beers.  This beer isn't bad - it is really really stouty.  Its a bit heavy, dark, thick, and extremely roasty.  I think the thing I'm having trouble getting past is that chocolate kick it has.  There is a HUGE smell of chocolate in the nose.  I mean huge.  Every time I put my nose to the glass I smell the same smells I get when I go on the Hershey Park Chocolate Tour.  Its a sweet coco smell that is just a bit spicy.  I think I enjoy the smell.  But the flavor that is accompanied with this is not to my liking.  It is a flavor as if you took 3 tablespoons of raw coco powder and tried to eat it up.  Its a bit dry as well.

I think the thing about this challenge (if I haven't said it before) is I'm drinking different beers that under the RIGHT circumstance I would LOVE.  I think this is one of those beers.  I think in the right setting, with the right dessert dish or food it was be spectacular.  If I was sitting in Hershey PA, or perhaps Willy Wonka's chocolate factory ( I didn't just hear someone say who is Willy Wonka did I?  I hope not!) and bellied up to the closest bar I think I would fall over backwards for this beer.  It is big and chocolatey.  And that is the name after all.  So, judging this beer becomes tricky.  I think it nailed what it is trying to create.  That said, it isn't really the beer for me for MOST occasions.  Maybe this beer would have been better on Valentine's day with a box of chocolates or a dozen strawberries.  Either way, I recommend trying this beer as it is good, it is complex, it is yummy.  And of course, here it is 9pm and I'm starting to break out of my funk (I'm also half way through this Chocolate Stout).  Time to see if there are any good movies on.  Have a great night and until tomorrow!