So, I didn't take a lot of notes on this beer.  Honestly, I really didn't take any.  An old friend called me up to help with some computer problems they were having.  It was nice to catch up with them.  We used to play a lot of bocce together up in Kennedy Township.  They were some good times.  A bunch of old Italian guys hobbling around while my friend who was younger then I and not Italian and pretty and myself not Italian and younger by most on the courts had a blast listening to the old Italian guys banter.  We would sit around drinking home made wine and occasionally I would take up my home brew.  On the exceptionally rare occasion one of the old guys would bring up some home made limoncello!  We usually played on the summer nights and had a blast.  Well, it had been awhile since Amy and I caught up so it was a nice visit.  I'm happy to see that her and her (relatively new) husband are doing great.  Still happy as can be... ah, the freshness of marriage.  I remember it so - I think it lasts around 3-4 years if your lucky!  Then of course, the proverbial "shit hits the fan".  Haha, No its great!  I'm happily married for going on 10 years and hoping for 100 more!  I wish nothing but the same for my old bocce friends!

As payment for the computer fix, they offered me a nice Harp, Premium Lager.  I would LOVE to plug their site here but the best I could find was that it was brewed at Guinness Ltd but from their site I could not find a Harp link.  I found some links at BeerAdvocate.com but that is about it.  As I said above, I didn't take great notes on this beer but I would call this a fairly well known brew.  It is quality in a glass by all counts.  It was crisp, it was a nice light yellow color and ultra-bubbly.  As I remember the head was not large and in charge but just hanging out like a low SPF Sunscreen; not really there for protection but gave the beer a nice glow.  All in all it was a nice refreshing beer with some old friends catching up.  The true essence of what beer really!  The payment also included a MooseHead bottle that I have down in my fridge and debating on when to crack that one open.  I will be sure to give the same cute couple a shout out once again!  Also, my apologies for the picture.  I was using my iPhone and didn't really get a great shot.  And it was a new glass style for me this time around also.  I really should have tried harder to get a better shot!