So, I'm a father of two daughter's and there is no way anyone could have ever told me I'd be concerned with hair; EVER!  But my almost 4 year old has not had scissors touch her hair ever (well sort of - but that is another story).  Tomorrow we have her scheduled for her first official hair cut of her life; and let me tell you I am not ready for this.  With my oldest, I 'needed' her hair cut immediately.  I was a man and her hair was in EVERYTHING!  Well, we got it cut and it got "thick' and darkened immediately.  OK, maybe not but that is my memory.  So, now my youngest has beautiful long dirty blondish hair (sort of Hawaiian surfer like) and hasn't been touched, so sue me - I don't want the scissors to touch her hair.  And when (IF) they do tomorrow it will be to "clean up lose ends" and NOTHING more.  I swear to you IF I allow it I will only allow about an inch at most cut.  Daddy's baby girl is growing up and I am not happy at all... anyway, I guess the day has to come some day.  So in honor of my surfer blonde haired baby girl, I am drinking a Koko Brown!  So to my Ko`u AlohaAloha Kaua!  Pomaika`i!  My little Keiki!  Tomorrow is your day!

Tonight - I drink the Koko Brown.  I left this in the freezer maybe a little longer then it needed to be.  It is definitely a bit colder then I think it should be.  I was slightly disappointed to see no head in the glass.  Either way, I moved past this to the smell - it was a very mellow sort of toasty malted smell coming from the glass.  Nothing crazy.  Very nice actually.  I take the first sip and ouch, its a bit bitey!  I think to myself, what is that bad flavor in it.  I like the brown malted flavor that is in the glass.  I like the smoothness of the drink for sure.  But there is something that does not agree.  The body is very nice and medium.  But what is that flavor.  Then I check the bottle... brewed with toasted coconut!  OUCH!  Yikes... my worst of worst!  Me NO LIKE coconut!  BUT in this beer I think I can tolerate it.  Sadly, I don't like coconut, and I don't like the fact that it doesn't have much head!  In general, this beer is pretty good- but that said, if it was warmer I don't think I'd care for it because of the coconut flavor.  Drinking it cold/ice cold works for me.  I wish I was sitting on one of the many islands enjoying this beer.  I only hope one day soon I can make it to the islands to enjoy this at the brewery itself.

Tonight I leave you with this - Eia Au, Eia 'OeMahal!

*note - the Hawaiian Words came from this site:  AlohaFriends.

*Correction: Thank you to my readers for the correction - this is Kona Brewing Company - not Koko Brewing.  My mistake.  I must have wrote this later in night - I have tried to correct all spots of this error in the blog.  Thank you Andie for the correction.